Zong Ning glory 8 appeared in New York fashion week, fashion road has just begun – Sohu Technology sweets parade

Zong Ning: glory 8 appeared in New York fashion week, fashion road has just begun – Sohu science and technology in September 7, 2016, the spring and summer of New York fashion week is about to open the curtain of 2017. In this event, for the first time set up a special China, and the glory of the 8 phone has become the highlight of the field. Glory 8 is one of the glorious milestone models, symbolizing the glory of the high-end market, and its aesthetic breakthrough and achievements, but also has become the future choice and direction. The homogeneity of the mobile phone market glory aesthetic breakthrough, as the mobile phone market gradually mature, market share is constantly changing, some companies started well, now began to decline, some enterprises started relatively late, but houjinshizu. And the glory is clearly the latter, HUAWEI and glory has asked to occupy the first place in the domestic mobile phone rankings, then the next HUAWEI is actually facing the problem of how to maintain this position through self innovation. And now it seems that the glory of the choice of the road of fashion, out of the rare fashion line. Glory 8 is the biggest change in the metal body when rampant industry back to the double glass line, 6 in the glory of the panel, once adopted six layer composite technology, 3D flare and composite lines with diamond was very beautiful, but also the starting point for the glory of a series of Teng fly. But the glory 8 uses fifteen layer technology, including screen printing ink layer, optical coating layer, 3D layer, PET Film grating texture layer, OCA layer, AR optical antireflection layer, gorilla glass layer and the AF fingerprint and easy cleaning coating and so on, has formed a very unique beauty products. So, in spite of all sided glass, but still chose to win glory process, this is the supply chain and the advantages of technology, the mobile phone homogeneity is very obvious today, this technology advantage is more difficult to imitate. A new technique for double glory flagship, the innovation road of glory 8 is the first to obtain & innovation; the concept of fashion show the domestic mobile phone booth at New York fashion week, let Chinese technology brands, for the first time to get to the comprehensive international fashion show Chinese made a show charm; also the glory of V8, the mobile phone and the glory 8 form a double flagship of glory. However, the main V8 is a higher configuration, 2K screen and double camera as well as the metal body is more business. The glory of 8 in the aesthetic progress, so that the proportion of women in the glory of the user from the previous 2:8 to 3:7, or has a very big role. The design of intelligent mobile phone are very consistent with the appearance is quite difficult to distinguish the brand characteristics, and the glorious experience of nearly three years of rapid development, has entered a new stage of brand development, embodied in the aesthetic aspects of force or their own strength and confidence. It is worth mentioning is that HUAWEI’s own chip series has been completely by kylin glory, from the inside to the outside of the original domestic representative can become more and more. The glory of the designers from the Paris Institute of the United States to the Swedish aesthetic center, from the romantic art of the west to the pure beauty of the East, from the depths of the sky to the mystery of the seabed…… Designers continue to give us a unique breakthrough in industrial design. And this year.相关的主题文章: