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Zhao Benshan’s 19 year old son photo exposure, and dad just as like as two peas public concern number Sina micro plastic ", see more wonderful original content! Source: Zhao Benshan Zhao Benshan is the China Baiyun Xinyue sketch king, then just a poor orphan village, not to discuss his wife guanggunhan, later with di (blind) apprenticeship. Erhu, suona, throwing handkerchief, thugs figs, sing songs, song and dance duet cap so good at all, especially Sanxian foundation is particularly prominent. I did not expect that according to this China Wu Yi became king of comedy, also opened a mountain film and television production company, after the success of Zhao Benshan not only luxury cars everything, also spent 400 million money to buy a private jet China was the largest and most expensive. Ge Shuzhen and his ex-wife divorced, has custody of the daughters are married to his ex-wife, Ma Lijuan Liaoning opera school young teacher 8 years younger, after giving birth to twins: Zhao Yihan, Zhao Yinan. Zhao Benshan has a total of 4 children in his life: his eldest daughter, Zhao Yufang, is now at the age of 36, and her eldest son, who is a deaf mute, has suffered from cartilage disease, emphysema and heart disease for the rest of his life. After Zhao Benshan and his ex-wife divorced a few years later, Zhao Tiedan died of illness. Zhao Yihan and Zhao Yinan as a pair of twins Zhao Benshan and his wife Ma Lijuan is born. Zhao Yihan is now 19 years old daughter became a net red. Zhao Yinan has the son of Zhao Benshan Zhao Yinan photo spread in the network, it is reported that the son of Zhao Benshan Zhao Yinan (nicknamed taurus) is now 19 years old and currently studying abroad. Although the hair is dyed yellow, it looks more elegant and handsome than Zhao Benshan. Zhao Benshan’s 19 year old son photo exposure. Zhao Yinan more exciting content please pay attention to Sina micro-blog (female)相关的主题文章: