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You don’t know the wonderful nickname Star: He Jiong "mushroom"   s "fluorescent lamp" (Photos) – Jiangxi channel: original title: you don’t know the wonderful nickname Star: He Jiong " Flammulina " s toilet paper (Photos) brother — Leslie Cheung on the "brother"., there are two versions: one is that when Leslie Cheung and Brigitte Lin filming, the crew down are called Brigitte Lin sister, brother Leslie Cheung later called, "brother" this name forever with Leslie Cheung; the other is that Leslie Cheung and Joey Wong photographed "ghost story", Joey Wong Leslie Cheung has been called as "brother", then everyone would have called Leslie Cheung the "brother". Due to market rumors are old, the two versions we gradually no matter which version is the most determined, anyway, everyone called Leslie Cheung as "brother" is right. Leslie Cheung also love this name very much, before we are more accustomed to call his name — Leslie English, early people often call him "little wing", he even love everyone called him "elder brother", because the name is more friendly, more intimate, like one family feeling. In real life, Leslie Cheung in his family’s youngest, has never been a brother, this is to meet a small wish he wants to be a brother. (commissioning editor: Qiu Ye, Shuai Jun)相关的主题文章: