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Xiong Jinqiu: the "backdoor + re listing should strictly control Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries as you earn take can make you my original title:" backdoor + re listing "should be strictly controlled to prevent the problem of assets [] a fine literary style through the" backdoor + re listing way into the market in order to protect the interests of investors, and effectively guard against market risks. Xiong Jinqiu Powerise technology withdrawalfrom the market in 2013, transferred to the third board after the name "Powerise 5", large shareholders choose the introduction of foreign land group restructuring to save the company, tinno mobile total price of 4 billion 230 million yuan was injected into the "Powerise 5", after the reorganization of the earth group holding status have also been replaced Yongsheng technology. In June 30th this year, "Powerise 5" to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange re listing application submitted by the parties concerned, the success of. If the AGC technology on its own efforts to improve business performance and its application for re listing this can enjoy low barriers to entry. In 2014 the Commission issued the "several opinions on" reform and improve and strictly implement the delisting system of listed company and shall come into force on November 16th of that year, the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange "revised stock listing rules (2014 Amendment)" and issued a notice, "notice" provisions of the 2014 Edition of "city rules" published prior to the termination of the listing of the company in 2014. "Listing Rules" version of the date within 36 months (ie before November 16, 2017) to apply for re listing, the provisions of its re listing conditions are still applicable to the original "Listing Rules". The original Listing Rules (ie, the 2012 Edition) on the delisting of the company’s core conditions for the listing of the company’s last fiscal year audited net profit are positive, and more than 20 million cumulative". While the 2014 version improves the re listing threshold, including: the company in the last three fiscal year audited net profits are positive and accumulated more than 30 million yuan; the most recent three years, no change in the actual control, etc.. Because "Powerise 5" is the 2014 edition of "delisting before the Listing Rules", and proposed re listing application before November 16, 2017, lower the threshold so the reason to enjoy the 2012 version of "Listing Rules" in the re listing. However, "Powerise 5" in the re listing application before a major restructuring, and the actual controller to change, it can enjoy concessions from all gone. The provisions of the 2012 edition of "Listing Rules", "company before applying for re listing of major asset restructuring and the actual control is changed, the provisions of the Commission backdoor listing conditions shall be in accordance with the 2014 edition of" Listing Rules "; this further clear, the company to apply for re listing should be re listed when the Commission" of major assets of listed companies the restructuring management approach "provisions for backdoor listing conditions, in September 2016 the Commission issued a new" major asset restructuring of listed companies management approach ", now" Powerise 5 "for" backdoor + re listing clearly need to comply with the 2016 edition of "reorganization measures". The restructuring approach thirteenth backdoor listing has a clear requirement for the purchase of the company相关的主题文章: