With surface bad trip is not good for my temper (video) autobots

Surface business trip did not hit my temper: Tencent digital Zhou Shuo 4 years ago, almost every PC manufacturers are trying 2 1 notebooks, Microsoft saw the opportunity is going to plug a pole. Then introduced the first generation Surface series. As a former Zune user, I was told that Microsoft was a notebook and my heart was excited. Me i…… #…… $%& $%…… ##@%…… brother, why do we always love Microsoft industrial designers design ideas of some black and hard, the appearance of the product is too some science?! Because the NOKIA deal huge failure, Win8 system failure, huge Surface series of products more because of huge losses, estimated Ballmer loves basketball NBA. Anyway, for a variety of reasons, Ballmer left Microsoft. I finally saw the Surface Pro series products become good hope. The small universe will erupt in the force of cohesion, 8.4mm, see my heart itch. Just half a year, with wet hair money, finally put the right Surface Pro 4 in your hands! That kind of love, just like the taste of love, is the strawberry flavor. One day the boss said, I think you must travel the bones up, wizards, maintenance tasks win list customers will be given to you! I think I’m closer to making a small target of 1 hundred million. With carefully prepared PPT and the new Surface Pro 4 business trip, brother is so confident. But the reality is cruel… "Boss, have a look at my PPT? Just look at it again." The boss was an accident, you don’t take it personally! Boss, boss, boss?!!! Check the Internet, this is really not the case. Launched a year, can not wake up old problems can not solve it? Moreover, whether it is the Win10 system or Surface Pro 4 are Microsoft’s Pro son, Microsoft engineers team more than a year to do what to eat? You guys come out and I promise not to kill you. Back to the hotel, take off tired. The list also fly, the boss also ran, 100 million small target is also out of the question, as if the body is empty. As the saying goes, behind every unsuccessful man, there is a don’t abandon you ugly and no money, good wife, at this moment I miss her. So I decided to open Surface Pro 4, a thousand miles of love…… WTF, blue! Well, this is a Microsoft, restart not get it, so many years with the Windows system, the elder brother did not see the big waves. Video walk you! Daughter-in-law said to comfort me. Hey hey hey! Surface Pro Bug demo # $4 video collapse…… #…… & **#%…… & #% what ghost…… Don’t stop me, I’m gonna blow it!!! Check online, it is not the case! It is said that the crash with Surface Pro 4 uses a Intel front 3D real sense camera, I heard that Surface Book also have the same problem. I’m too tired, too hard! I do not care about anything, anyway, is not, can, depending on the frequency! Can not!相关的主题文章: