Why You Should Sell Your Iphone 4s-wh60a

Personal-Tech Apple isn’t exactly the kindest .pany in the world. They want to instill customer loyalty and monopolize everything their customers want. They only release whatever they allow, from apps to updates, whenever they wish, and their consumers just say yes. This also leaves app developers at the mercy of Apple. They have to follow strict guidelines on what to publish in the App store. For example, a 30 percent cut on all the sales of apps will be imposed! That’s a lot. This will make it hard for very small app developers to get their product out there. That’s because the money that should be used for marketing the app will go to Apple’s coffers. Also, any .pany that offers books, magazines, music or other type of media should make them available through an app. They should not provide a link in the app that leads to an outside site. That means every single transaction must be done within the app itself. This is because Apple wants to control everything they can get their hands on. This poses serious problems for app developers. Plenty of app developers have already been rejected by Apple because they failed to .ply with these new demands. Now they’re looking for alternatives on where they can conduct their business and market their product. Fortunately, they’ve found freedom in the arms of Android, the one that allows them to do whatever they want. If you’re looking for apps that can’t be found in Apple’s store, sell your iPhone 4S now. That’s because the Android is certainly more flexible and interesting to use. Since the Android is released for free to phone makers, they can personalize it any way they wish. Take for example, the customized interfaces of HTC and Samsung Android phones. They’re all natively Android, but with their own personal twist. This gives their phones unique qualities only to themselves. Unlike with the iPhone, every phone looks the same. The only difference between users is the apps they use, save for a few wallpaper choices. Sell your iPhone 4S now, because it’s only limiting you. With the Android, not only can manufacturers customize it any way they want, but developers too! There’s basically an app that can handle even the tiniest tasks of your phone. Not only do you get typical apps that you find on the store, like music services, document makers and games, you also get apps that handle your data usage, and there are also apps that allow you to control the memory on your phone. And what’s great about it is that it is .pletely legal and free to do so! If you’re a skilled app developer, you can even make your own independent apps! Create whatever you want and share it with your friends. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, just search the net for independent apps created by developers. If you’re up to it, you can even change the entire user interface of your phone! The newest Android Ice Cream Sandwich is great for customization! If you sell your iPhone 4S for the newest Samsung Galaxy Nexus, you’ll experience an unprecedented level of freedom. Customize whatever you want. You can even change browser setting! It’s that impressive. And like other previous versions of Android, you can also customize the Ice Cream Sandwich to your liking Forget about the products that Apple puts out nowadays. Sell your iPhone 4S and get an Android phone instead. There’s certainly a lot you can do with it. The only good thing about Apple these days are their iPods and MacBook .puters anyway. If you’re looking for a smartphone that bends to your every .mand, then the Android is definitely the only option. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: