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This tall configuration why mistaken van snow slippery exclusive vehicle sideslip accidents impression of the sliding doors of the most afraid is that van, when there is no MPV concept, a variety of Jinbei (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) and various micro run, van sliding doors is a sign of the most important. Today, even millions of MPV, some people call it unthinkingly van, the owner said the baby cannot say painstakingly! To tell you the truth, not what the sideslip door van exclusive low-end stuff, it was a real design of humanity! It’s super practical sliding doors compared to the traditional way of opening and closing the door, sliding doors is simply arranged on behalf of humanity, its practicality is very good, because of this reason, the van also used it, Japan has always been the pursuit of utilitarian K-CAR, often can see the shadow. How is a practical law? When you park your car in a narrow parking space, you will find that it is user-friendly! The traditional door will be opened in this environment, it is a very difficult thing, sometimes even to come out from the door, the bus was not easy, not elegant (ginseng, pictures, and embarrassed, inquiry). Sliding door on the side of the car, don’t worry about these issues in this case, the opening area is large, on and off is very convenient. Open the door without fear of the next car to "flowers, especially the roadside parking, do not worry about the car and hit people, serious accidents. A large open area and other benefits, do big things, such as the installation of child safety seats, or goods to the car, it is also very convenient! Because of this, the van especially like to use it, down to tens of thousands of pieces to millions of MPV is also particularly like to use it. Of course, the French also opened the hole, to a small car with this door! That is Peugeot 1007. In order to achieve the same convenience, Tesla MODEL X designed special gull wing doors, the door is said to save space, the car is more elegant. But honestly, this is obviously a virtuoso, it can be made into the door sliding doors, achieve exactly the same effect. But if that’s the case, it’s not tesla! How to put the MPV sliding doors become high-end? Sliding doors is not low-end stuff, as long as willing to work hard struggle, it can play a high-end feeling. The more common is the electric sliding doors, open the door without difficulty, but also can be controlled by the driver, the car can go a big boss, big star fan! What Honda Odyssey, Buick GL8 (ginseng, El, TOYOTA pictures, inquiry) method, Benz V level and so on the high point of the MPV have this configuration. However, if you want to save cost, and to make a high-end sense, as long as the clever, will do the door opening light that is good! For example, Ford transit Rui Europe side sliding door, you open it can automatically slow backward, let you think is sliding doors. When you close the door on that it is a manual sliding doors. There is a peculiar design, is no B column sliding doors, in fact is not only the B column, front and side sliding door open, the spacious.相关的主题文章: