What will Huangpu be like in 24 years From CBD to caz (video) ca1834

What will Huangpu be like in 24 years? From "CBD" to "CAZ", according to the newly published "Shanghai urban master plan (2016-2040)", the central activity area is the most iconic area of Shanghai, which is the important bearing area of the core function of the whole city. The Huangpu region is located within the scope of the central activity area. As one of the most iconic areas in Shanghai, what will Huangpu be like 24 years from now? Today, the Huangpu District authorities said, according to the plan, Huangpu District will be from " CBD" (central business district) to " CAZ" (central area), complement each other from the spatial distribution and function, financial, creative industry, culture and tourism integration development and. Financial services as one of the core functions of the city, it is necessary to create a high quality of the central part of Huangpu District area, will give full play to its comprehensive advantages in the agglomeration and outside the financial elements, and services in Shanghai to participate in the construction of financial market system, deepen the promotion of new financial development, financial and cultural heritage, optimizing the financial ecological environment and make new efforts. Focus on the central activities of the region to create the Bund – Lujiazui to the financial market – based decision-making center, the Bund financial focus with the focus of the new financial, and Lujiazui dislocation complementary collaborative development. Huangpu District said it would continue to enhance the carrying capacity, to further accelerate the gathering of various financial elements. The Bund financial agglomeration belt take "group type structure of a shaft three", the construction of Dongjiadu city will become an important core of the Bund financial agglomeration belt. "One axis" is the the Bund Binjiang development axis, composed of the waterfront along the Huangpu River and Zhongshan Road, both financial and industrial development axis, and is the ecological landscape and public activities axis. "Three" the Bund to Yanan Road, Fuxing Road was divided into North, middle and South three functional section, north of the Bund as the brand promotion, enhance the comprehensive financial, commercial and cultural outstanding quality; middle part of the Bund as a function of the demonstration, is the recent development of key areas, emphasizing the function of rapid agglomeration; as the southern section of the Bund business development, Expo Park, the hinterland is large, ample space for development. At the same time, continue to strengthen service security, and further build financial infrastructure, functional platform for service heights. In recent years, the Bund financial agglomeration zone based on their own advantages, and actively participate in the construction of service system of financial market as of now, the Bund has gathered China foreign exchange trading center (National Interbank Market), the Shanghai gold exchange, the Shanghai clearing house, RMB cross-border payment system (CIPS) and other national financial elements of the market, financial infrastructure, Huangpu has become an important bearing area function of financial institutions. In the construction of cultural functional areas, Huangpu will promote the people’s Square, Binjiang, ring Expo Cultural Plaza three cultural function area joint development and characteristic development, the overall construction of "one center, five clusters" development pattern, namely: People’s Square – ring entertainment center: vitality through space architecture for five minutes, ten minutes of theatre walk the circle in the center of activity, the nearly 20 theatre together, in the center box office as a link to increase cooperation between the interactive theatre, opera, musicals, create indoor and outdoor concert heights.)相关的主题文章: