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What did Mo Yan say in Northwest Normal University? Home is the center of a person, the center and origin of the world. In fact, Gaomi northeast township is a center of Mo Yan’s works in the world. But the center and the whole world is a concentric circle. In October 11, 2012, a small duo was a high school student, suddenly heard from the radio "a Chinese Nobel", a national pride from the heart, then know that Chinese small duo called Mo Yan. In September 18, 2016, after a lapse of four years, small duo have a university graduate soon, the west won the Nobel Prize of the Chinese came to listen to the teachings, small duo finishing the scene text record, for the duo dear fans. The review of Zhang Xiaoqin today is an exciting day, stood on the podium in Stockholm winning the Nobel prize for literature writer Mr. Mo Yan came to the Northwest Normal University, we decided to report hall. Looking at the history of Chinese and foreign literature, we can see that the style of the writer will have a unique literary Republic of their own, the writer himself is often the monarch of this literary republic. Mo Yan teacher in 1994 master’s thesis "beyond the home" also mentioned the problem, such as Faulkner Yorke Na Partha Fa, Marcks Macondo, Mr. Lu Xun Shen Congwen Mr. Lu Town, Xiangxi and so on. None of these literary republics are built on the basis of a writer’s true home. Mo Yan teacher of the Republic, is the Northeast Gaomi Township, we see. In the early autumn of 1984, Mr. Mo Yan wrote the first article on the Northeast Gaomi Township works "autumn", the five characters of northeast Gaomi Township officially appeared in Mo Yan’s works in the world. Then, Mr. Mo Yan made a novella "Red Sorghum". In 1988, Zhang Yimou, director of the film adaptation of the original "Red Sorghum" won the thirty-eighth Berlin International Film Festival Golden Bear award, produced a very large international influence. In 1993, the famous translator Mr. Ge Haowen will Mo Yan’s "Red Sorghum" translated into English, caused great repercussions in the western world. – this year, a foreign language magazine "World Literature Today" to Mo Yan’s "Red Sorghum" as the world’s best novel in 1993. When it comes to red sorghum, I suddenly thought of the teacher Mo Yan in the words of the "Red Sorghum", I think it is very necessary to review, he wrote: "I once told me the Northeast Gaomi Township, extreme love, has given the Northeast Gaomi Township extreme hatred, after growing up, I study the Marx doctrine, Gaomi northeast township is the most beautiful and ugly, the world’s most detached, most heroes, the bastard, most can drink, the place of love." I think that a writer is with how infinite and deep love of the hometown say it, since Mr. Mo Yan took his Gaomi northeast township to the world. Today, let’s walk into his literary world with Mr. Mo Yan. Mo Yan thank you very much! I’m glad to be here. It was raining yesterday, even though I live in a big city like Beijing, but it is very close to the climate.相关的主题文章: