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Careers-Employment WELA was founded by John Penny, Dan MAtthews and mark Gullett. Wela is a Networking Marketing organization that operates in the home based health and wellness industry. They have created a franchised-like system with a revenue sharing program for their members to prosper with. Slimberry is their flagship product that is a synergistic formula that contains, antioxidants, electrolytes, anti-aging, absorption and disease preventing properties. It .es in convenient concentrated drops. Values of Wela: Four core values guide our decisions and actions. Dignity-Accepting of all person’s as created in the image of God. Service-Responding with .passion to the needs of others. Excellence-Striving to attain high standards of performance and proficiency. Stewardship-Using our talents and resources wisely. It is open to everyone no matter what age, financial status, education, or experience, and it promotes solid ethical values that people are hungry for, today more than ever. It provides access to international markets, significant tax advantages , and a proven path for developing residual in.e.Members can join the program by paying $49.95 per month to receive one bottle of Slimberry, which has 30 servings. They will automatically receive a bottle every month on auto-ship, until it is canceled. The member is also given the opportunity to cancel the order, if they at any point of time are not satisfied with the product. All they would be required to do is send back the empty bottle and if auto-ship has not started, they would get a .plete refund. WELA is a legitimate and exciting new MLM opportunity. They also give members the opportunity to pay for guaranteed visitors to their website. I suggest investing in a .prehensive inter. marketing training program to increase your web exposure which lends itself to increasing the needed sales and recruiting volumes to ensure success. The members who can consistently recruit and mentor will be the leaders and most successful. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: