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New product to buy apple? Cook didn’t tell you 9 things – Sohu technology [Technews science news] many fruit powder to get a new iPhone long-awaited on, and at the beginning of the September Apple conference after some of the problems, also have the answer in the analysis and testing of users, the following for you announced at the conference "Cook didn’t tell you nine things, we provide a reference in the purchase of new machines or accessories. 1 bright black only two capacity (128GB, 256GB) to choose different from the past, this year launched iPhone 7 with bright black, black (matte black) to replace the gray space available for the first time, "black light" behoove, becomes the first choice of consumers dream, popularity is also reflected in the official website of Apple now, the order is expected to receive a new machine after more than 1 months. It is worth noting that the new color "black light" did not offer a 32GB option, which means that the purchase of iPhone 7 bright black buyers will have to choose the higher costs of 128GB and 256GB two models. 2 bright black color models may be more easily scratched while Apple official display surface hardness of bright black color models of the "same" and other styles, but according to the official website of notes and users of the test, the surface gloss of bright black color will produce fine lines or scratches with the use case, traces can be more than other colors obviously, so suggest you want early adopters of buyers, after purchase and don’t forget to immediately prepare a suitable protective shell, let the bright black shine more durable. 3 iPhone 7 Plus dual lens zoom on the primary school asked the new iPhone 7 Plus body is equipped with a wide-angle and telephoto lens 12 million pixels, support 2 optical zoom, 10 times digital zoom, which can make the image in the telephoto lens magnification of two times at the same time, the image quality will not be reduced; click 1X on the screen can be switched to 2X, but in other words, from the middle 1X to 2X no zoom range transition, switch to the 2X optical zoom, again through touch slide up to zoom to 10 times (digital zoom). 4 lighter than the previous generation although the appearance is positive with the previous generation, but cancelled new iPhone 3.5mm headset hole, the weight is slightly less than the previous generation point, perhaps this change have failed to achieve a sense of the degree, but also can be used as reference for replacement of the fruit powder. 5 use longer…… But also shorter? Apple represents a new generation of iPhone battery use time series 6S longer than iPhone, but if the data observed in the official website of Apple, you will find that there are some mysterious; if it is in 3G, 4G, LTE Wi-Fi, can support a longer time, but the newspaper相关的主题文章: