Wang Lei Li Xiaomeng is not very concerned about my intimate drama did not specifically told ca4111

Wang Lei: Li Xiaomeng is not very care about my intimate play not deliberately told Beijing – directed by Mao Weining, Wang Lei, Deng Jiajia, Huo Zhengyan, Jo Jo and other actors of the idol strength s legendary drama "hero" anger tonight will be landing in Shenzhen TV (September 7th). "Hero" to "sell toxic anger" as the starting point, the legendary story of a nation full of affection, righteous brothers. Starred in several war theme Liaoning Ji Yan Yuanwanglei as young "Yuan Shuai", and Deng Jiajia played a rich lady "Guan Shuang" alongside. The day before yesterday, Wang Lei told the Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter interviewed WeChat, grew up in a military compound in said his military complex, "although the war drama is very bitter, but I am willing to challenge a good script." "Hero" is the hit series "anger" flag cast production team to create another masterpiece, Wang Lei said he and Mao Weining is the third team cooperation, more jokes "and hair guide spending more time with his wife Li Xiaomeng long". This includes "poison pin" topics, and the entertainment star drug events, this Wang Leicheng: "what circle of drug-related is not correct, abstinence chant, hope everyone to stay away from drugs." Recently, Wang Jianlin’s "goal" scripts all over the network, Wang Lei said his current "goal" is to play the role of good. The current war drama easily by the audience Tucao ray drama, Wang Lei think seriously do drama, or good works, "respecting history is not mine drama, some drama is likely to attract attention, but I don’t want to take that drama." Wang Lei and Li Xiaomeng fell in love for 10 years, has been recognized in the circle of jintongyunv. Li Xiaomeng had previously said Wang Lei would have intimate scenes in the play, Wang Lei said that in fact very small adorable adorable little professional, now is not very much, I also have their own sense of propriety, or due to play different, she did not deliberately told me not how." Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter Zhang Ning相关的主题文章: