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Walk Taipei Dadaocheng, read the local people’s livelihood – tourism Sohu along the Taipei Tataocheng feelings of Taiwan local people’s livelihood atmosphere, here gathered a variety of cultural and creative shops, snacks, handicrafts, local specialties and so on, but all this is not strange, maybe there are many similarities with Quanzhou here, no matter in language or a building, custom, even here is tea is here from Quanzhou to Anxi, has a long history. A note into the tea, understand the local tea culture for hundreds of years. This trip we also prepared a live broadcast all the way to make more sense of Taiwan customs. The shop boss we elaborate the history and Practice on tea. What does the pit do? You’re right。 Is used for baking tea. However, there are a lot of tea production process, a series of processes can be made to make us to taste tea. Chic shops, and entertainment upstairs, listen to the boss said here occasionally show can enjoy tea Nanyin. From the tea, we visit all the way through, through their local labor department, it is said that when you work on not happy when you can come here to "rest" mood reaction. However, a road tour, also after many dry cargo store, said the store is a basic guide to do not have to sell, but wholesale, and these store owners are many native Quanzhou before the Tongan. Walk in Tataocheng building and living high streets and back lanes, different, but for me it is relatively warm, but also makes me feel comfortable is not seen in any rubbish here, clean pavement which is the local people to consciously develop the. The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan Tataocheng church, located in Tataocheng old city, the main building style is for reference to build a Fujian Li Chunsheng Church in Xiamen area of the western missionaries. Tataocheng history, is the second after watching? The most prosperous place in Taipei, during the period from late Qing Dynasty to the Japanese, Dadaocheng in terms of economic, social or cultural activities, have a disdain for Taiwan’s amazing development and growth, she is not only a high consumption area of frequent commercial activities, is also a gathering of talents. Today, the bustling years in rice has gone, but for future generations to leave the old scenery of the witness. In fact, all this for me is not strange, because in Quanzhou is still a lot of temples and worship the gods are not the same. On the roof of Quanzhou, this is called china. This temple is called Cisheng temple, located in Taiwan city of Taipei Datong District Security Street, the main Taoist worship Mazu Temple of the goddess of heaven, and the main Zhenjun temple, Town God’s Temple is called Hsiahai Tataocheng three temple. Tataocheng Cisheng temple, the immigrants for Tataocheng area of Fujian province in Tongan County believe Mazu temple is the religious center of area Tongan immigrants. This is used to burn joss sticks and paper gold. From the Cisheng palace, we came to the Union Hospital, with various medical devices exhibition here. .相关的主题文章: