Vivian Xuan Xuan gold fell concussion repair index rebound, spot gold trend analysis – 10.26 evening 3344111

Vivian Xuan Xuan: gold fell concussion repair index rebound, spot gold trend analysis – 10.26 evening financial Sohu in the past year, supported by the UK and Europe off lead to monetary policy uncertainty, gold in July shine. The U.S. presidential election debate after the price of gold fell by about $10, after the second debate was essentially flat, given the global risk appetite or unwilling to make a change, if Trump won the election, this case will be bullish for gold. Wednesday, spot gold performance is quite strong, currently trading at $1272.45 ounce, after the gold at $1250 and $1260 were formed a strong support, the recent India ushered in the traditional holidays, physical demand increase, is expected to help the gold firm $1270 mark, and to recover the $1300 mark; but before, still need gold a breakthrough in October 5th highs near $1277.13 resistance. Analysts believe that part of the market, before the India ten festival of Diwali festival and the gold demand is expected to rise, Diwali is also a traditional festival gift as a gift of gold. HSBC analyst JamesSteel said that real demand for recovery, the continuation of the continuation of the rally to lay the foundation for a little late, gold investors will take advantage of the negative impact of the dollar aside. BullionVault, the world’s largest online gold trader, points out that the rainy season in India will increase the income of farmers in India, thus driving up gold prices. The farmers’ consumption accounted for 13 of India gold demand, so this year the rainy season in India in 3 years the best exciting Royal Bank of Canada (RBC Wealth Management) wealth management director George Gero said that in the past few weeks, the India spot demand is increased, the people of India are now one step back to the store to buy gold. The essence of finance is money, this logic will become the world four roles: the first role: I have money, I need to put money into more money; second kinds of roles: I have no money, I can help rich people put money into more money; third kinds of roles: I have no money, but I think can be turned into money; fourth kinds of roles: who gave me the money, I will help him make money! Therefore, finance is an angel, because it can help people who need money to get money; finance is the devil, because wealthy people more wealthy. So the financial truth is: for the rich financial management, financing for money people. Then take the increment as the goal, take the lever as the method, take the credit as the cornerstone, take the boundary as the risk. The essence of finance is to increase the value, credit, leverage, risk, the interaction of these four words, thus forming a large operating system. The precious metals, gold Monday staged a line down, the long shadow of overcast cross closed, in late two after prices stabilized, yesterday the entire trading day Monday hit the United States time to ignore the pressure plate, continuous rising to shock rise way. The two disc data each accounted for half of the United States refers to the pupil, on the impact of 99.12 after high fall, further boost gold prices momentum, a breakthrough Monday’s highs of 1272.相关的主题文章: