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Two children full liberalization of the incidence of neonatal upward trend – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Zhengzhou on September 12th news of birth defects (Henan station reporter Guo Yanan) according to the China sound "center wide news" report, a comprehensive two child policy implementation, the number of sudden increase, increase the risk of neonatal birth defects, has become the main reason for our baby death and disability. To reduce birth defects, the key lies in prevention. Henan Province on the various stages of pregnancy and prenatal and neonatal development of three grade prevention, the implementation of a series of MCH public health service items, in the prevention and reduction of birth defects and achieved certain results. Henan from 1996 onwards in 57 provinces, cities and counties health care institutions to carry out hospital birth defects monitoring work, in 2003 to adjust the monitoring point of 75. Currently, 3 monitoring projects distributed in 16 cities, with a total annual coverage of nearly 400 thousand pregnant women, can basically reflect the birth defects in the province. According to the monitoring situation, Henan perinatal incidence of birth defects and the like, the upward trend in recent years, but generally lower than the national average, neural tube malformation and other serious birth defects incidence was significantly decreased. In the geographical distribution, was significantly higher than that of rural population in the city of birth defects; male gender, birth defects than women; in age, women of childbearing age less than 20 years of age and older than 35 years have significantly increased the incidence of birth defects; from the disease situation, one of the top five high incidence of perinatal congenital malformations are: heart disease, multi finger (toe), external ear malformation, cleft lip (cleft lip and cleft palate), congenital hydrocephalus. First of all, to promote the birth defect prevention level three free service projects, is a nip in the bud, strengthen the premarital examination work, promote the health examination program for pregnancy; two level refers to the health care work, establish prenatal screening and prenatal diagnosis of the network, to carry out the prevention and control of birth defects in a series of scientific research; the three level is postpartum neonatal screening, now mostly do thyroid function, phenylketonuria and hearing, the three is the timely detection and timely treatment. In addition, Henan is also promoting the effective convergence of birth defects in children with disease diagnosis and treatment of urban and rural residents basic medical insurance, serious illness insurance, medical assistance system, give full play to the coordination effect between different systems, to promote the early diagnosis and treatment of children with disabilities, reduce the occurrence of.相关的主题文章: