Twelve years ago, I held a shovel in the playground of UAV technology –

Twelve years ago, I held a shovel in the playground of the UAV – twelve years ago Qi Juntong was a technology Sohu, has just entered the Institute students. As the first batch of domestic UAV research, he was the most useful tool is not what sophisticated equipment, but a shovel: UAV after take-off once out of control, must be immediately with a spade to shoot it to the ground. If you let it run into the crowd, certainly the blood on the spot. "The generation of unmanned aerial vehicles, if not a little ‘axis’ of strength, simply can not do. At that time no one knows where the commercial value of the UAV, but can not imagine someone to play this thing." This axis of strength, so that Qi Juntong in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles to focus on grinding UAV brain – obstacle avoidance environment awareness. He took the UAV to the grid, under the farm, also went to Sichuan to participate in earthquake relief in Ya’an. This flash is twelve years…… Qi Juntong, founder of CEO (Tianjin) Technology Co., Ltd., deputy director of the Institute of robotics and autonomous systems, Tianjin University, Professor, doctoral tutor. The "Journal of Machinery Manufacturing and Automation" Journal of Control "editor in chief, Science and Engineering", "International Aerospace Science", "UAV" Journal editorial board member, Specialized Committee Chinese Unmanned Systems Command and control society. Presided over the State Natural Science Fund projects, National 863, 973 more than 40 projects. Won the China patent Excellence Award, Liaoning province science and technology progress award, Liaoning Province Natural academic achievement award, national grid technology progress prize two, Tianjin "131" innovative talents, Tianjin Binhai New Area of innovation and entrepreneurship leading talent award. The 01 2013, when I was in Shenyang branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences Research commercial uav. April 20th at 8:45 in the morning, we got the news from the Seismological Bureau: Sichuan City, Lushan 7 earthquake occurred, the epicenter is only about 100 kilometers away from Chengdu. This is not the first time that the news has been heard for a UAV team. When the Wenchuan earthquake occurred in 2008, the State Seismological Bureau hopes that our team will use unmanned aerial vehicles to cooperate with the earthquake rescue, do a good job of statistical data in advance, to facilitate the rescue team to develop programs. Just because we started half a year ago, the commercial UAV application in earthquake rescue, the technology is very immature, can only do a demonstration. For earthquake rescue practice, it is not. However, five years later, our team after receiving the notice with the car drove straight to Sichuan, and the earthquake rescue center players convergence. Each to a place, we first used UAV investigation again, after collecting good data, rescue team members to conduct search and rescue activities under the command. The Ya’an earthquake has not experienced the earthquake, it is difficult to imagine that it’s terrible experience alone. Especially aftershocks, landslides, often come相关的主题文章: