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Five – Sohu way traditional enterprise Internet connection technology in the previous article, I put forward the view is that enterprises in the no transformation direction before, may wish to do the internal and external connection, in order to ensure the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, from the inside to the outside of the digitization and informatization is smooth. So, after the completion of the information technology and open up the internal connection, and how to connect with the Internet?. Different companies because of different business models, there will be a different connection. Based on the business model of Internet enterprise, combined with some of the traditional enterprise Internet connection case, according to the nature and mode of connection, here, I will connect with the Internet into business tools, platforms, ecology, technology and capital in five ways, under the mask of this body. 1, through software tools (products) connected to the Internet through the software connection: do an Internet software, and then access the Internet through the software, the other end of the connection to the user. Software includes a variety of tools, software, application software, system software and so on, dictionaries, notes, browsers, players and other software. Software is the product of the PC era, there are still a lot of software on the PC application, is still an important way to connect to the internet. Enterprise to do a software, as long as there are users to use, in fact, to achieve a connection with the user. Through the application of the connection: after entering the mobile Internet era, the software on the mobile operating system has become an application, a cloud based server client software. Mobile applications are currently the main link to the Internet, a large number of software era software also has a mobile application version. Such as WeChat super application, has become a communication tool between people can not be missing. There are many applications, can represent an industry, such as rain doctors, beauty grapefruit, drops are typical industry applications. In addition, the intelligent hardware and mobile phone connections, but also through a mobile application to complete. The system is connected with the operating system: not all businesses can do, but some manufacturers are also developing their own system, Samsung mobile phone had a BADA system, the most used is the Android system and iOS system. Ali cloud YunOS is another way, a lot of intelligent hardware solutions for the Internet, cars, refrigerators, watches and other goods can be applied. All things Internet era requires the system is networked, and therefore, the connection is the basic property of the operating system. A live connection: live also belongs to the application, separately listed here, because can live more simply and quickly connected enterprises, enterprises can quickly through the broadcast, the net, can be used as propaganda and exposure preferred. At the same time, live can also become a form of enterprise sales of goods, has become a lot of electricity supplier flow main channel. Companies can work together with the anchor, through the anchor to their fans marketing, because it is a real interaction and a host of Pro delegate experience, marketing effect than usual activities better. The VR (virtual reality) connection: Although VR some fire, but VR]相关的主题文章: