Toronto on the streets of the crowd watching Day2 slightly embarrassed Taiwan film

Toronto Day2: Taiwan Street crowd Li slightly awkward Mike walked the red carpet on the side of the road VR experience booth to play chess, passers-by small Wan A Huiwen Sina entertainment experience Toronto Film Festival at the beginning, the greatest experience is "down to earth". To the media reporters send documents and backpack, bag in addition to the media guide and row piece table, and pizza advertisements, ginger juice, a bottle of coke, a bottle of antiperspirant spray — this is the day that the media hungry and thirsty, full of sweat running? Several film festival main venue distribution in the downtown area of downtown, on the red carpet in the high street, passing through every minute to watching star. Indoor watching movies, outdoor also run a series of activities, the road can participate in VR experience, art design, play games. And everywhere can be seen wearing eye-catching orange T-shirt Film Festival volunteers, from the students to the white haired elderly have. The film ends with the staff at the door shouting let the audience vote, together with the selected Film Festival Awards "people’s choice award". A truly national holiday. Exposure to such a warm atmosphere of the film festival, the daily selection of film is the most difficult time, because the film is too hot! There is a kind of care for this and lose that feeling…… Early in the morning to see the "Midnight Madness" unit opening "free fire unit", the debut at the Toronto Film Festival from 1988 onwards, are arranged in the premiere after midnight, and is full of horror, action movies make you a surge of adrenaline, the more cult more exciting. Such as Indonesia hot action film "attack" stupid, adorable and cheap Xixi pseudo documentary "vampire life", from the perspective of the first person "Harry" is the hardcore film the previous "Midnight Madness" people’s Choice Award winner. Although not in the middle of the night to see the "fire of freedom", but the early morning watch really refreshing. The director – victory on a work is hiddleston starring "skyscraper" (yes, that is Ding Ding’s James Lu), the Department for including St Oscar winning actress Bree Larson, the all star team, shoot a bullet flying swearing and action. It’s almost entirely in an abandoned warehouse, engaged in illegal trading of the two factions, from the beginning of the zuizhang, gradually evolved into a runaway. Accompanied by a sense of retro music, whether it is flying bullets or mouth guns are constantly very hi, the line is also quite a bit of laughter. You can see the poster get to its temperament way, actually in the film to tell you, stupid humans should not use the gun. See the "devil" afternoon call director Juan Antonio Bayona filmed "pulp Kaidan", "orphanage", this film is also strange elements, about a twelve year old boy and a "tree" story. This Liam Neeson dubbed monsters at night the boy forced to give him entangled, three stories. These stories are the children don’t like the dark fairy tale, there is no absolute good or bad guys, there is no absolute right or wrong. Boys in the process of listening to the story, but also gradually learn to face their fears. Fantasy shortage, but there is no lack of warmth. The film adapted from children’s fantasy novels is also suitable for children to watch. Chinese films from three sides of the Taiwan Straits相关的主题文章: