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Business If you work from home or you have an office, you need certain equipment to do your job successfully. This article points out the ten most important pieces of office technology you need to run your business. Read on to find out which ones you have, and which ones you have yet to own. 1.Laptop: This piece of office equipment is indispensable. There are many different kinds of laptops on the market. According to your specific needs you can choose from among the many new ones .ing out all the time. For example, Google plans to offer a Chrome OS in the near future that will run all of your applications in the cloud – that is, they will be hosted by remote servers rather than on your physical laptop itself. In the meanwhile, however, if you use a lot of heavy duty processing power, such as that used in web design, or music or video editing, and invest in a powerful laptop will last you for years, it won’t soon be dated. 2.High Speed Scanners: This piece of office equipment is great for uploading pictures and other important documents to your .puter. You may find it in a multifunctional piece of equipment that .es with a fax machine, copy machines, or even printers. Be careful though, the more options a piece of equipment offers, the more likely it is to have issues down the line. 3.Printers: If you rent or buy a printer from your office equipment supplier, you will be glad to have it. The inconvenience of going to a Fedex/Kinko’s to print out a silly document isn’t worth the hassle. 4.Copy Machines: Chances are you will also need to make copies of important documents. If you run a medium to large business, copy machine leasing may be a good alternative to spending thousands of dollars on high volume color copiers. 5.Office Shredders: These items are also important, especially when you’re dealing with precious documents. 6.Smartphone: If you want to stay connected all the time, a smartphone is a great way to do it. Internet access, e-mail and a host of other features will help your business stay in the loop. 7.Tablets: These .puter-like pieces of equipment are great if you do a lot of traveling and you don’t want to lug a full size laptop around. Part of their draw is that they have .puter-based features that smartphones don’t and they’re much lighter than traditional laptops. So if you have some, or all, of these items you know their benefits and uses. And if you lack a couple, you may be missing out. The best thing to do is be honest with yourself to see if you need to update or purchase one of the items you don’t have. Then go shopping to ensure that you’re .pany is up to technological par. Because in this day and age, the last thing you want is to be left in the dust. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: