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Three new board policy into the fast lane market is worth looking forward to Zhang Chi after entering in August, the new three board new deal introduced very intensive, apparently three new board policy has entered the fast lane. August 3rd, the new three board, the core of the work of the Secretary of the broker to guide the training conference held in Beijing, the new three board core standards improve, clear the top three new board market design is very important, but the quality of the enterprise is the core". In August 8th, shares of the company issued the "FAQ listed company stock issuance (three) notice to raise funds management, special provisions, the subscription agreement special type of listed company financing", especially the new board to raise funds to clear the bank and the enterprise, brokerage of the three party supervision, in strict accordance with the provisions of the use of funds raised to raise, and each half of enterprises self-examination, broker verification simultaneously. It also requires that the listed company and its hosting broker shall complete the following tasks within 30 transfer days from the date of the announcement. In August 17th, shares of the company to the hosting broker issued "on the implementation of the" two strengthening, two contain "look back self inspection work notice", requiring broker recommended projects before self-examination, self-examination brokerage results must be in mid September before the stock transfer system. In September 5th, shares of the company issued the "National SME share transfer system public transfer instructions information disclosure guidelines (Trial)" No. 1-6, detail specification for the new board of financial fine molecular industry transfer of shares prospectus disclosure requirements. Including securities companies, private equity fund management institutions, Futures Company, insurance companies and insurance intermediaries, commercial banks, non bank payment institutions. Industry disclosure guidelines since the official launch. In September 7th, shares of the company issued the "listing application materials (the number of shareholders does not exceed 200 people) Notice acceptance check points", clear the basic format of the specific content of the material received, does not meet the listing application materials will not be accepted shares of the company. In September 8th, shares of the company issued the "National SME share transfer system listed company secretary of the board of directors appointment and qualification management approach (Trial)", a clear innovation must be full-time secretaries, directors must participate in the company’s shares will turn the Secretary and the Secretary of the board of directors has examination certificate. No mandatory requirements for the underlying layer of the enterprise. The basic requirements of the same as the A shares secretaries. In September 9th, shares of the company issued the "National SME share transfer system listed business question — Some Issues concerning the application of the conditions listed on the answer (two)", clearly raised the threshold for listing, the enterprise technology innovation, different threshold limit non listed enterprise technology innovation; state-owned enterprises for listing, transfer of shares clearly further approval the Department, and the controlling shareholder and actual controller funds specification; special provisions for military enterprises. The above policy launched in just over a month intensive, faster than 2015 to 2016 1-7 months any month. And are very urgent, on the introduction of new regulations, as well as brokerage self-examination, and even required to be completed in mid September. Chew brother believes that with the completion of the layers, there are less than 4 months in 2016, the new three board this year to do things must be completed as soon as possible. Policy intensive introduction of the reasons is that the market must be completed as soon as possible to regulate the rectification, and then, let PE VC become a market maker,)相关的主题文章: