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These good habits, will let the children benefit from life! A lot of parents to see the children of the mother in the eyes of the children have difficulties in learning, immediately thought of is to give the child a tutor, cram school, do not let the child fall off the homework. But everyone knows this is actually a boondoggle, parents should help their children to form the best learning habits. A colleague’s daughter was admitted to a key university from key high school, and learning has been among the best. She asked what, colleagues said: "the child is special worry, from learning good habits!" However, my son has been in high school, as parents we work every day I have to spend a lot of time and energy to their children, but have little effect, it should cultivate children’s independent learning habits, in order to improve the quality of his study. What should we do? Parents in the guidance of middle school children learning habits, can be mainly from the following aspects: 1 preview habit Preview allows children to contact the previous knowledge, find new problems, how to solve the problem, can make himself understand the problems brought to the classroom to better listen to the teacher. This can not only cultivate children’s self-learning ability, but also to improve children’s interest and effectiveness of listening. 2 notes and finishing habits with the increase in the secondary school curriculum content and complexity, note taking help to seize the key. If due to time constraints, should remember things more messy, so after school but also to sort, so that a comprehensive, well organized. The 3 class to review the purpose of review is "reviewing the old habits". Review of struggle and forgetting, German psychologist Ebbinghaus created the "forgotten speed curve" shows that forgetting is regular, i.e. slow down after just remember forgetting things in the first few hours the fastest, two days after a slow. Therefore, to consolidate the knowledge, must be timely review, to strengthen, and develop a habit. 4 independent problem solving habits of children with learning difficulties for parents to help, parents can not ignore or do things carelessly, the enthusiasm of the application of language to encourage children to try their own "". The child is unable to independently solve, not acting on their behalf, and to step by step so that he can inspire patiently, in your wit without a trace under the guidance that is completed by his own strength, let him taste the sweet victory, to increase their confidence, courage to meet next a challenge. 5 timely correction used to prepare children for a red pen. At any time to correct their mistakes, the practice papers, with bright red to deepen the wrong impression in the mind, and then use a notebook to collect these errors, "for example," wrong spelling "assembly" and other forms of classification of records, to warn myself, to avoid similar errors. 6 active reading and writing habits of reading is the main channel for children to acquire knowledge, children should be encouraged based on repeated reading textbooks, extensively absorb extracurricular knowledge and information, develop the habit of reading. Reading and writing are mutually reinforcing, and the writing process is not only the use of language skills相关的主题文章: