The world’s leading technology innovation China accounted for half of the country means what the Int

The world’s leading technology innovation China accounted for half of the country means what the Internet Sohu science and technology article | adjacent chapter of autumn, third years into the world Internet Conference also ushered in a new milepost. In this session, the first launch of the world’s leading scientific and technological achievements of the world’s leading scientific and technological achievements aimed at bringing together and showing the world’s most advanced and cutting-edge Internet technology and new achievements. Through the authority of the judges 2 months after repeated selection, the final "Alibaba & ant gold clothing, Tesla, IBM, Kabasiji, Chinese Academy of Sciences Laboratory of quantum information and Quantum Science and technology innovation center of excellence, Microsoft, Baidu, University of California at Berkeley, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of computing, Samsung Electronics, the National Supercomputing Center in Wuxi, SAP, Tencent HUAWEI, Qualcomm," these fifteen enterprises, colleges and scientific research institutions to bring 15 scientific and technological innovations from the global participation of hundreds of enterprises of science and technology, the selection of universities and research institutions declared 500 a number of advanced scientific and technological achievements in the field of Internet talent shows itself, since November 2015 has become a global technology innovation model. From the list view, an interesting reality are clearly presented in front of us: in the world’s top science and technology innovation, represent the future direction of development of science and technology in China technology enterprises / institutions / research institutions have occupied half of the country. What does this mean? In my opinion, there are at least three meanings. First, we further break the inherent cognitive technology behind the prison, enhance our confidence in science and technology due to various historical reasons, frankly, in quite a long time, China / chip in the system heteronomy is the core technology, can not be independent. It is also the existence of such a long time, so that we subconsciously began to lack a general technical self-confidence. All along, when it comes to technological innovation, we will have a huge cognitive bias, will naturally associate with the international giants rather than local enterprises. This Chinese Internet companies in the world accounted for half of the country’s leading scientific and technological achievements Yong, is again to break this thinking. Whether in the past "double 11" pay for a record peak of 120 thousand pen / sec new world record outline the core support of Ali cloud flying system still won the world’s top 500 supercomputer list "Shenwei · Taihu light" or to achieve the perfect three jump to catch up with Qualcomm snapdragon processor, HUAWEI kylin 960 processor and so on, are representative of China innovation in the forefront of the world level in the core technology, highlighting the science and technology innovation China have taken a big step to build up the core competitiveness, with the international giants and a step ahead of the ability to meet as equals. Two, risk & competition will promote independent innovation and development will bring great innovation dividend current domestic research institutions to occupy half of the country in science and technology enterprises in technological innovation, one is China’s independent research and rising, on the other hand is also subject to security risks and competition forced. As mentioned earlier, in a very long period of time, we in the core technology.相关的主题文章: