The star tells you how important it is for early detection of breast

Star told you: early breast cancer discovered how important! – Sohu health hear "cancer", most people would think it is a dreaded, incurable disease! As everyone knows, some cancer if found early, it will not threaten life. The data showed that the 5 year survival rate of breast cancer from 1 to 2 was 94% and 83%, with a survival rate of 87% and 10 years, respectively. The long-standing misunderstanding for many patients with negative emotions, fear and delaying the disease. Starred in TV series "a dream of Red Mansions" Lin Meimei "the famous actor Chen Xiaoxu He Zuoxiu, Chinese Academy of Sciences has been gone for TCM criticism, triggered a debate between Chinese traditional and Western medicine of national debate. His negative effect on Chinese medicine is one-sided, but on the other hand, we show that the importance of early detection and treatment of cancer. Breast cancer is one of the major malignant tumors that threaten women’s health. In recent years, the incidence of breast cancer in China has risen to the first place of malignant tumors in women, as high as 37 million 100 thousand people in large cities. Chen Xiaoxu, Ye Fan, A-Sun, and Hollywood star Ingrid · bergman…… This one we know and love the stars for breast cancer and left us forever, they are young, so the end of the beautiful life, like early rose, people could not help but sadly sigh. However, with the census and all kinds of detection means progress and improve the public awareness of the percentage of early cases of breast cancer also increased significantly, because found early, timely treatment, some suffering from breast cancer and cancer actress brave struggle, the life and career have gained new life. For years, Cai Qin was diagnosed with mass chest, suspected breast cancer, hospitalized immediately, it also belongs to the benign in tumor was removed due to timely detection and treatment healed, Cai Qin also became a successful female artist most famous cancer in Taiwan. The cause of the Liza Wang years, very influential thyroid cancer. In the first half of 2008, she suffered from breast tumor again, but Liza Wang did not despair. She was admitted to hospital for surgery. Since then, Liza Wang called on women to receive regular inspection in Hongkong, such as the early diagnosis and treatment of problems found. In 2006, Xiu Lan Deng · wave children suffering from breast cancer, and underwent mastectomy. At that time, most women feel that this disease is what they do not dare to open. She became the first open to the public history, and advocated the prevention and treatment of breast cancer celebrity. She not only actively cooperate with the treatment, brave surgery, and for the prevention and treatment of breast cancer around the lecture, so that the public attention to women’s breast health. Year, year old suffering from breast cancer Kylie m · Luo in Melbourne successful surgery and received chemotherapy. Breast cancer survivor Kyle Minogue had fallen back to the stage in the concert, but she continued to work, not only to stand on the stage, still the Brit Awards won the best international female singer award. She told us that breast cancer is not a failure. The story of these stars tells us that early detection of breast cancer, early diagnosis and early treatment, is the key to prolonging the survival of patients with breast cancer. As the saying goes: better than cure disease prevention相关的主题文章: