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The sixth Chinese (Macao) International Automobile exposition opened – sixth Chinese automobile Sohu (Macao) International Auto Expo guests photo   Sixth China (Macao) International Auto Expo opening ceremony     the Macao SAR Government Secretary for economy and Finance on behalf of Mr Liu Guanhua   deputy director of SASAC Wang Wenbin, Mr     in November 4th, the sixth session of China (Macao) International Auto Expo (hereinafter referred to as the "Macao auto show") in Macao, Venice golden Exhibition Center Grand opening. The opening ceremony of the Macao SAR government to invite the acting chief executive Chen Haifan, director of the liaison office Wang Zhimin, deputy director of SASAC Wang Wenbin, foreign office Commissioner Ye Dabo, deputy director of the liaison office Yao Jian, economic and financial secretary on behalf of Liu Guan Hua, the State Ministry of equipment industry division deputy director Cao steel, SASAC large enterprise board of supervisors original President Jia Chengbing, former Vice Minister of Commerce, President of Chinese European Economic and Technical Cooperation Association Xu Bingjin, China Machinery Industry Federation executive vice president Zhang Kelin, the liaison office in the office of the Secretary General Wang Xindong, director of the Macao Tourism Bureau Wen Qihua, director of the Macao Economic Bureau on behalf of President Liu Weiming, Chinese Jinsha Co., Wang Yingwei, on behalf of the organizers and China National Machinery Industry Corporation chairman Ren Hongbin, Party committee Chinese Book Aviation Equipment Group Company Remember, deputy general manager Jia Baojun, Nam Kwong (Group) Limited company chairman Xu Kaicheng, Nam Kwong (Group) Co., vice chairman Ding Rongxiang, chairman of Macao Convention and Exhibition Industry Association Nanguang (Group) Limited company general manager Duan Hongyi, deputy general manager of China National Machinery Industry Corporation Ding Hongxiang as the officiating guests, other countries Automotive Industry Association, the independent brand car, bank financial representatives, also attracted from Malaysia, Hungary, Ambassador to Brunei, Italy, Brazil, Thailand, Philippines and other countries and industry representatives and other guests attended the opening ceremony of the more than and 600. SASAC deputy director Wang Wenbin affirmed in his speech to the Macao auto show as Chinese play Macao and Portuguese speaking countries to strengthen the function of service platform for business cooperation, the effective use of the unique geographical advantage of Macao, Taiwan, Hongkong, Southeast Asia and the Pearl River Delta and the European Union and other countries and regions, and actively help exhibitors to expand brand awareness, expand overseas markets to enhance China’s automobile, shaping the brand image, promote the Chinese manufacturing to the world has played an important role, to improve the overall level, to promote economic and social development of Macao has a positive impact on the exhibition industry in Macao. The Macao SAR Government Secretary for economy and finance Liu Guanhua said in his speech on behalf of the Macao auto show the degree of internationalization and the growing influence, the exhibition concept exhibition mode and continuous innovation, reflects the development of the exhibition industry in Macao. After the opening ceremony, Chen Haifan, acting chief executive director Wang Zhimin, deputy director, deputy director Wang Wenbin, Yao Jian, Liu Guan Hua Executive Committee and the relevant ministries leaders together to tour the museum, visit the booth to visit, communicate with exhibitors, encouragement and guidance, exhibitors affirmed the development and progress of the Macao auto show in the last few years. From the South (Group) Co.)相关的主题文章: