The refrigerator struck MeiLing new energy efficiency; accelerate the upgrading of household a

The refrigerator struck   MeiLing new energy efficiency; accelerate the upgrading of household appliances — get ready for battle, original title: new refrigerator energy efficiency hit MeiLing accelerated upgrade since October 1st, get ready for battle, China’s refrigerator new national energy efficiency standard "household refrigerator power consumption limit value and energy efficiency rating" the formal implementation of the new standard has put forward higher requirements for the refrigerator industry, for will not neglect the effect of the upgrading of product structure and the whole industry chain. It is understood that the new standard in terms of energy efficiency rating is greatly improved, energy efficiency index increased significantly. The new energy efficiency standards of 1 level product power consumption than the original energy level 1 products consumption fell 40%. The new standards also improve the evaluation of energy efficiency, testing and calculation methods, so that the power consumption of the test value is more in line with the actual use. The new standard will be energy efficiency in accordance with the "1, 2, 3, 4, 5" from high to low, the most energy-efficient products. Energy efficiency standards continue to improve, it will force the continuous improvement of technology, the implementation of the new standard makes the energy saving advantages of the inverter refrigerator become the mainstream products. During the visit, the reporter visited the store learned that many brands have updated the energy efficiency labeling, the main frequency of the brand products favored by consumers. It is worth mentioning that the well-known home appliance brand MeiLing as early as 2015 has been called out of the total elimination of fixed frequency refrigerator and universal inverter slogan. It is reported that MeiLing inverter refrigerator inverter technology to use the most incisive. From the refrigerator energy consumption point of view, the use of the refrigerator 0.1 degree of frequency conversion technology, energy consumption than the fixed frequency refrigerator to reduce by 30%. In addition, ± 0.1 degrees of precision temperature control, temperature fluctuations, preservation effect increased by 38%. 1Hz inverter to control the operation of the compressor, refrigerator stability, noise reduction of 2 to 3 db. According to published data show that the current domestic market inverter refrigerator, inverter air conditioner, inverter washing machine permeability were 16.58%, 57.31%, 26.78%. Inverter refrigerator penetration is much lower than air conditioning and washing machines. MeiLing as the representative of the enterprise in the application of frequency conversion technology in addition to improve product efficiency, but also will promote the popularization of inverter refrigerator. MeiLing related personnel, MeiLing’s current frequency of new products accounted for a relatively high, the introduction of a full range of inverter refrigerator, covering the various segments of the market. Its products cover to open the door, three door, cross off, many French series, also continue to energy-saving technological upgrading, leading the new refrigerator energy efficiency, which will promote the refrigerator industry to accelerate the restructuring and upgrading the overall process, but also will change the pattern of the industry to bring profound influence. Many consumers use holiday refrigerator are in an interview with reporters interviewed also said that between the constant frequency and variable frequency refrigerator, will choose the conversion product better energy-saving effect, many consumers first on the refrigerator is required even "to" universal frequency conversion "," the concept of the degree of recognition and remarkable. (commissioning editor Bi Lei and Yang Bo)相关的主题文章: