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The online booking activity price than your   front; industry: the best goods more than three –IT– original title: online active price reservation than your reception industry: the best goods more than three chutianjinbao news (reporter Dai Hui) "on the Internet to help a friend who knows the order price hotel reservations, that is the front desk of the hotel price is also expensive 50 yuan, is the friend misunderstood me make a difference; find a refund, and not back." Mr. Zhang recently told reporters reflect chutianjinbao. This reporter conducted a visit. Originally, Mr. Zhang’s friend Miss Lee national day to come to Wuhan to play, asked him to help set the hotel. Mr. Zhang in the United States online booking September 29th in Wuhan four Xin Bora hotel standard room, called online activities, the original price of 470 yuan, 422 yuan price activity. Mr. Zhang was sent to Miss Li after placing the order. But Miss Lee arrived at the hotel front desk, the same room price is only 368 yuan. Miss Lee received a phone call, Mr. Zhang embarrassment. He then elong, Ctrip, where to go online inquiries to the hotel standard room were only 319 yuan, 319 yuan, 328 yuan. September 29th afternoon, reporters accompany Mr. Zhang came to the hotel, it is found that standard room 368 yuan, the waiter said do not know why the U.S. mission network out of 422 yuan price activity. Mr. Zhang and beauty group net contact customer service, customer service that online price 54 dollars more expensive than the price, is to the hotel, specifically how it is, she is not clear, the U.S. mission network to supply Mr. Zhang 54 yuan price coupons. Zhang asked to cancel the order, was rejected. Zhang told reporters that if consumers do not ask the front desk, direct occupancy, there will be no 54 yuan difference. Introduction of such activity price alleged fraud. Reporters learned that the investigation, inflated online hotel pricing is not the case. Analysis of relevant industry experts, intense competition in tourism electricity supplier, the reason why some of the online hotel fare increase, may be derived from financing difficulties, can only rely on their own blood to ease. Electricity supplier to increase the sale of high star hotel room practice is clearly a hammer trading". Wuhan tourism experts remind Shu Boyang, the National Day golden week is the peak travel, in the book the ticket, hotel should carefully choose the best, better than three, unsubscribe terms for each web posted to look carefully, to avoid unnecessary trouble. If their rights and interests are violated, can be reported to the tourism supervision department or the business sector. (commissioning editor Zhao Yue and Bi Lei)相关的主题文章: