The number of housing prices sales amounted to 100 billion profit growth was only a fraction of the beself

The number of housing prices sales amounted to 100 billion profit growth performance is only " " fraction; over the same period last year only a Vanke sales of over billion yuan. Housing prices listed in 2016 semi annual report shows that there are Hengda, garden, poly, green 4 housing sales over one hundred billion yuan. But the "situation" is worried about the industry, profit growth is only a fraction of the performance gains "". One hundred billion housing prices "in" shows what happens Chinese real estate market? What is the trend? Market unpopular sales surged in the first half of 5, housing prices topped the list of billions of "the National Bureau of statistics released the latest data show that from 1 to July, the national commercial housing sales area grew 26.7%, residential sales growth of 41.2%. Yi Chinese CEO Ding Zuyu said the analysis, in the first half of this year, the national commercial housing sales "stride forward singing militant songs" driven by housing prices listed a number of sales break a record high. Among them, Vanke, Hengda, garden, green and poly report shows that the year sales amount respectively to achieve 190 billion 100 million yuan, 141 billion 780 million yuan, 125 billion 70 million yuan, 110 billion 800 million yuan and 110 billion 625 million yuan, an increase of 73.9%, 59.8%, 129.6%, 48.4% and 41.9% respectively. Thanks to good sales in the first half, Hengda and garden in the near future will be 2016 years of domestic contract sales target. Hengda in the completion of the annual target of more than 70% on the basis of this year’s sales target raised to $300 billion; garden will also be raised from $168 billion sales target to $220 billion, an increase of up to 31%. Central Plains real estate analysts believe that, including the above 5 and Wanda, the sea over the past year to achieve sales of billions of housing prices, the first 10 months will be fully completed the annual task. According to the results of the first half, quasi billion in the financial record of China and Huarun will increase sales target to more than one hundred billion yuan. Throughout the year, billions of clubs will be historic to 9. At the same time, 2016 will be the benchmark for the highest sales volume of housing prices. The performance of rose shoot profit decline, high cost is the "culprit" it is worth noting that, although a significant increase in sales, but with one hundred billion housing prices represented listed housing prices profit is not satisfactory. Sales of nearly 200 billion yuan Vanke, attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of only $5 billion 350 million, Poly Real Estate and green holdings net profit of less than 5 billion yuan. Two hundred billion housing prices in Guangdong are showing gross profit margin and net interest rate index decline. National Park in the first half gross margin fell 2.2 percentage points, core net profit fell by 1.7%. Shareholders in the first half of the gross profit margin decreased by 0.1%, the core business profit margin is reduced from 13.1% to 8.9%. There are a number of quasi billion class listed housing prices are also very worrying earnings. Announced this year will be among the hundred billion camp of the financial record of China, the first half net profit of about 103 million yuan, down by 91.8%, net profit of shareholders of about $73 million, down by 92.3%. Industry insiders believe that land prices soaring, high drag,.相关的主题文章: