The most complete wardrobe knowledge to teach you to change the second admission hamimelon

The whole wardrobe containing knowledge to teach you second storage Master?? former home to the cloakroom, may need to house large enough in order to make room for the plan, but you know what? No matter the size of the space can use the cloakroom, but also greatly enhance the storage quantity! How to do it? Today Xiaobian summary the closet storage problem, teach you to solve the problem. ?? A wardrobe looks the same, which was the most suitable for me??? Storage method: "the habit": a wardrobe design, according to the habit of folding type, business type planning?? — Based on hanging?? by hanging, a drawer or basket below the amount, if suit pants or skirts, trousers rack frame skirt can consider to do. If a girl has a small dress, you can stay in a region with a long coat hanging together, the dress is about 110cm, the space can also be placed under the box expansion. ?? Free – folding?? above hanging some basic coat, easy to wrinkle clothing, below to accommodate the folding laundry or drawer pull box. Drawer to have deep pumping, placed in different thickness of clothing. Some people like to pull the box at a glance, but it is best to have a door in the closet, so as to avoid visual clutter. ?? Do not underestimate the wardrobe are similar, the wardrobe allows you to easily change the wrong wardrobe back out the door. The key hanging in the interior and shallow deep pumping, pumping, laminates, change of choice, the need for rational planning. ?? Question two: cabinet to do enough space can be as large as??? Storage method: "the beauty": 13 open, 23 hidden strong visual aesthetic of?? open counter moderate shadowing, prone to clutter?? the cabinet is divided into three parts, the best proportion showed a 13 exposure to the principle of but if the price has the same attribute, neat effects, may be appropriate to release 23 as the opening show, and keep the open and close permeability. ?? 13 exposure principle, heavy machine and break the cabinet cabinet?? planning can be cut into 3 parts, 6 parts, but the overall design thinking is still 13 and 23 of the proportion of the cabinet. In fact, the goods?? dew and Tibet, and girls wearing clothes reveal how to look good for the same reason, the beautiful parts exposed, disadvantages of hide, for the overall aesthetic points, in other words, much less, Tibet dew can attract attention!?? Three: plate? Good drawer what is the best choice???? storage method: "the human nature": reasonable collocation, elders, suitable for children?? old vs drawers?? for an old person is better than the drawer plate, drawer and line of sight extract object, search function is strong. In order to get up, stretch hands, will increase the sprain. The risk of falls, so for the needs of the elderly, as long as the normal use of the drawer layer is not less than 40cm, will not be too difficult. There is a better tatami drawer, can become a resting place for tea. ?? Phase plate and drawer space collocation, don’t waste?? sometimes, too deep even filled the bottom drawer, the top is still great space, then it might be the same district planning and the use of plate and drawer, small items placed in the drawer, high and thick pile. Roll folding articles are used相关的主题文章: