The man spread ” meadow mountain girl murder case ” rumors arrested 10 days – Beijing Chan

The man spread " meadow mountain girl murder case " rumors arrested 10 days – Beijing Channel – original title: "Ludi man spread Mountain girl lost murder case" rumors detained 10 days in Beijing in September 29, (Jin Chen) September 15th, Hunan Province, Changde city Wuling District Community occurred in meadow mountain mulberry lost girl murder case. After the case, there are Internet users in the circle of friends spread rumors about the case of terror. In September 26th, "Changde police" in micro-blog official announcement said, "mountain meadow spread girl lost murder case" false case in WeChat man was detained for 10 days in accordance with the law. In September 26th, due to the "Changde today" WeChat public number spread the "mountain meadow girl lost murder case" false case, 30 year old Anxiang man Lee was Wuling Municipal Public Security Bureau shall impose administrative detention for 10 days. According to the "Changde public security bulletin, September 23rd, in the field of community found the lost girl rushes Koidz was killed, Changde City, Wuling Public Security Bureau quickly control the suspect, and for the public release of the relevant case information. The next day, illegal personnel Lee hearsay, the "accomplice is the murderer home of grandparents, to help fire burned corpse" rumors, through all of its personal "Changde today" WeChat public number spread, after a large number of Internet users forwarded, seriously mislead the truth, resulting in adverse social impact. Rumors began to spread, Wuling district office network quickly declared interviews, warning from the media responsible person required to remove the false information and horror pictures, and report to supervisor on violations by the public, part of WeChat, but also to the Wuling Public Security Bureau network security brigade provides illegal evidence. According to the public security organs investigation, the victim remains no rumors of damage, there is no evidence that there are other people involved in the case. At present, the Wuling police in accordance with the provisions of the People’s Republic of China Public Security Administration Punishment Law twenty-fifth, the spread of false information on the Internet through Lee illegal acts, administrative detention for 10 days. Truth column reminder: the network is not outside the law, not free dissemination of unconfirmed information, take the initiative to do not spread rumors, do not pass rumors, do not believe rumors. (commissioning editor Chen Yinuo and Gao Xing)相关的主题文章: