The gaudy gold came back in 1980s roselip

The exaggerated gorgeous gold in 1980s and came back to the picture source: Vision China Madonna 80s old exposure exposure is expected to show it is probably the most realistic portrayal of the year in 1980s. Advocate bigwigs, panlongfufeng, Yibudengtian, build up the family fortunes…… Some people use these words to summarize the time, but don’t get me wrong, not all derogatory, even in this place and our present society, there are many similarities for self affirmation. These strong self-identity is the most straightforward in clothing: metallic fabric, lotus Sidecast sleeve, exaggerated shoulder line, mini skirt, wasp waist and coarse belt…… Although the name of "aftertaste" gimmick, designers have added many new ideas in the glittering on the basis of pride and the rich girl with full of youthful spirit attitude, play what is not, the most important is to "enjoy the moment". "Dallas" ("Dallas") is the United States CBS launched a description of the fate of the wealthy family series in 1978. The costumes of the play influenced the fashion trend of that time. Isabel Marant in the 2016 autumn and winter conference a jumpsuit detonated about the memories of the 80s trip, reminiscent of the fire is a drama called "Dallas", while the upper class rich girl drama actor Joan Collins classic style is a Red Jumpsuit. The shoulder has a very eye-catching big bow. And she is different, Marant narrow shoulder bow, with proper tailoring, let the parts become compact slim pants. In the choice of accessories, of course to use unilateral Earrings (which is one of the classic style of Madonna in 80s), which is the biggest highlight of the shoes collocation, not wearing high-heeled shoes, but with a cold and rebellious zebra flat shoes, make this series of feeling suddenly fashionable, and is no longer a the rich flavor. Saint Laurent seems to be more extreme, on 80s Fu Jianv standard, shoulder ornament burst, and unlimited personal figure dresses, with all the metal and fur, bring prosperous material sense. In 1980s Thierry Mugler (some have unlimited ornate style of clothing designer) taste, "this is the stage of the Carnival", when the stage of life and blend with each other, it is difficult for you to distinguish what is real. Wasp waist, shoulder pads, exaggerated decoration, plus golden material and rich makeup, nowadays the new fusion designer satin and lace and other delicate elements, "the essence of carpe diem" 80s even if it is caught. Saint Laurent Fall 2016 winter and that not what carpe diem, more than young people will play. In 80s called Franco Moschino’s humor urchin has its own set, his dress and philosophy of our age popular "chaos dressing" trend is actually quite similar. The matching of the shoes and the evening dress, the words of "waste money" on the back of the clothes with the embroidery thread.相关的主题文章: