The former residence of celebrities visit Zhenhai man has to stand still

The former residence of celebrities man has to visit Zhenhai tower in 2016 09 micro-blog Sina travel | 20 July 10:12 Zhenhai, located on the east coast of Ningbo Chinese, is an area of only two hundred square kilometers, a population of about two hundred and thirty thousand of the city district. Open the Zhenhai celebrity name, will see a bunch of flash, such as the world ship king Bao Yugang, Run Run Shaw, the famous pictures giant coastal shellfish Jinquan etc.. They struggle through life in Zhenhai not only their legendary experience, and stand in the rain in the house. Ship king in the world? Zhuangshi area southwest of the former residence of Bao Yugang bell village after the new house package, here is the birthplace of the world ship king Bao Yugang. The former residence of Bao Yugang, the high court deep wall facing south, five lane two two storey tile brick houses, with typical Jiangnan style. It is the first east outside the vast field, with staggered rivers. (Bao Yugang’s former residence), Bao Yugang (1918 – 1991), however, was Hongkong’s financial giant, deputy director of the Basic Law Drafting Committee of the Hongkong Special Administrative Region, the development and construction of the State Council, Ningbo coordination group consultant. According to Ningbo’s "Tianyi Pavilion" Tibet "Henghe Yan Bao’s Genealogy" records, the package’s brother is the Northern Song Dynasty 29 generation descendant of Bao Zheng. (Mr. Bao Zhaolong statue) from 1984 to 1989, Bao Yugang had 6 times back home, the former residence of the new house also had two times to repair. In 1989, Zhenhai District government to recover the West and West Wing building, and renovation, as the former showroom, and in the courtyard and the south wall placed Bao Yugang’s father, Mr. Bao Zhaolong bronze body and marble inscription. (PAO Ann Hall) film king? The former residence of Run Run Shaw about Mr. Run Run Shaw, you may not know his story, but you must have seen a lot of Yifu building". Run Run Shaw (1907 – 2014) formerly known as Shao Renleng, was born in Zhejiang, Ningbo Zhenhai, Hongkong Television Broad-casts Limited honorary chairman, co-founder of the Shaw Brothers film company, known as the "king of the pictures". (the former residence of Run Run Shaw’s former residence is located in the street location) Zhu Jia Qiao Lao Shao Cun Zhuang, Zhenhai District, the building area of 200 square meters, was built in the early years of the Republic of China, there are three buildings east of the west block, brick wood structure, the overall architecture and interior decoration is novel. Three building plane truss, width of 9.6 meters, the column for Chinese fir in Fujian. (residence Courtyard Residence) all build walls, open the door, after the east side door. The house is three rooms, the middle hall furnishings, as visitors or dine with. The rooms were on display in Mr. Run Run Shaw and his home photos donated to the education of the story. Mr. Run Run Shaw’s former residence is now on behalf of the relatives of the Shaw family, and for visitors to visit. (inside calligraphy) Ye Ye Yizhuang Yizhuang hardware king? Is located in Zhenhai District of Ningbo city streets Zhuang village bell leaves home, by Ye before entrust son created in 1902 and set up a private school, later renamed the school of zte. It covers an area of 2350 square meters, South Hall, by the east wing was composed of courtyard, hard top brick, stone floor. (primary school freshman 3相关的主题文章: