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The Fed was "middle" populist popular U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, the United States warrants real-time quotes left and right populist is to deal with the fed. The days of the Fed’s technocratic bureaucracy are getting harder, as the public’s trust in experts has diminished. Sina stocks in Beijing on the evening of 30 FT reporter Sam Fleming reported that the Fed’s Republican presidential candidate has repeatedly suffered violent, and in many ways is hitherto unknown after the attack, the Fed chairman Yellen finally back. On Wednesday, Yellen accused Yellen and the Federal Reserve in accordance with the requirements of the government of the United States to maintain a low short-term interest rates of the accused, Mr. "Partisan politics has no effect on our decisions," she declared." The Central Bank of the United States are suffering from both parties from both sides, at the same time poll in the economic recovery than expected on the occasion of public confidence in the Fed’s leadership decline, in this case, Trump is the Fed’s punch. Some experts say the Fed is vulnerable to attacks, while populist attacks may push politicians to tighten restrictions on freedom of the Fed policy. George Washington University political science professor Sara benta (Sarah Binder) said, "Trump is a political party which exacerbated the add fuel to the flames… Criticism of the Fed, the Fed has become the target of politicians." Trump’s intervention is not the first time the Fed has been treated as political. In the last presidential election, the former chairman of the Federal Reserve have also been criticized, including the 2011 Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry (Rick Perry) accused the former Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke launched quantitative easing is "Treason" behavior. Past governments and the chairman of the federal reserve the outbreak of conflict, including George Bush and the Nixon administration. Mr Yellen himself has become accustomed to dealing with the issue of hostility from members of Congress when he has a bad temper. Mr Trump, however, has set a new standard for anti – fed attacks – at least as a presidential candidate. In recent weeks, he said Yellen should be "ashamed" of what she has done to the United States, accusing her of creating a false stock market at a low interest rate and formulating policies to support President Obama. He also said that if he became president, he would not allow Yellen to be reelected – even if the previous 3 Fed presidents have been re elected to the new president of the opposition party. The vice president is now at the Brookings Institution before the Fed’s don Cohen (Don Kohn) said, the Fed is not what fresh politicians attack, in democratic countries to discuss the Fed’s policy is also very good. He said that Trump’s remarks did not affect the Fed’s decision. But he added: "these attacks are alarming in the following ways: do you really see the polls show that public respect for the Fed has fallen sharply compared to the pre crisis period. Such attacks accuse the Fed of taking political action rather than pursuing economic goals – 3相关的主题文章: