The blue sea of temptation, the pursuit of freedom feelings – Semporna – Sohu of

The blue sea of temptation, the pursuit of freedom feelings – Semporna – Sohu of tourism about Malaysia Island, many people heard more may be Kota Kinabalu, but Semporna and its islands are not lost in Kota Kinabalu or other Southeast Asian islands. Semporna (Semporna), located in the east coast of Bazhou (Sabah), was originally a small fishing village in Malaysia, and now with the development of time, has gradually become a famous underwater world tourism center. In the language of Ba and Malay, Semporna literally means "perfect."". The town is surrounded by layers of green water, as if it were a perfect place in a dream. The surrounding islands are excellent diving resorts, where you can do a variety of water sports, such as swimming, diving, surfing, etc.. (in April each year, Semporna will hold a regatta. All kinds of traditional boats will garnish with LepA and Junkong, traveling to the town of Pulau Mabul in Pulau Mabul to compete for awards) (Mabul Island), also known as the marble Island, is located in Semporna (Semporna) an island beach in the northeast, near Sipadan (Sipadan) about 15 minutes by boat. Located on the northwest corner of a 200 – hectare coral reef, the island is one of the world ‘s top diving resorts. If it is not good water, but also in the water on the corridor to watch the colorful underwater coral, starfish and fish. Of course, there are various types of holiday houses and water houses on the island, to provide visitors with different accommodation experience. Tips: Pulau Mabul adopts the policy of restricting the development, there are only a few resort hotels on the island, the number of rooms is limited, and the accommodation is more expensive, it is recommended to book in advance. The warship Island warship island belongs to one of the islands of the Ocean Park, sand Karan, shape like ships, so named warship island. The island from the town of Semporna about 45 minutes boat ride for small unmanned island. The scenery is very beautiful, tall coconut tree straight into the sky, the white sand flow into the deep blue sea. Clear bottom of the sea with a variety of fish floating, the sea floor of a large variety of different shapes, colors of coral, the United States to let people drunk. Tips: in order to protect the local environment, the government does not allow people to live on the island, to return on the same day, and each person on the island to register the name. Beijing Beijing motor motor Island (Mataking island Island) is located in northern Pulau Mabul, near sipadan. Tourists can travel to Semporna from the Charter, the same trip of about 40 minutes. Mataking by mataking (Beijing motor Besar) and small mataking (Beijing motor Kecil) the size of the two islands, the island in two when the tide by a white beach. The building is a traditional Malaysia style design, an Island Hotel, very suitable for diving and vacation, many people do not dive here, just enjoy the feeling of vacation. If the level of the diving resort, it can be regarded as five stars.相关的主题文章: