Tax cuts into the countdown in August China’s car sales soared 25%- baxia

The tax policy to enter the countdown China August car sales soared in the new network [25%-] global network comprehensive report according to the "Automotive News" reported on September 8th, consumers are competing at the end of a tax policy before the expiration of Car Buying, China passenger car sales to achieve sustained growth for six consecutive months. GM and the Great Wall cars stand out from the fierce price war, sales rose in China in August. China Passenger Car Association in September 8th, said in August, car, SUV and multi function car retail sales of 1 million 800 thousand units, an increase of 25%. In the first 8 months of this year, car sales rose by 13% to reach $14 million 200 thousand. Cui Dongshu, Secretary General of the association, said the small displacement models given tax cuts expire. At the same time, carmakers are also increasing discounts to attract consumers. Data show that the average sales profit of a high-end car to Chinese dealers brought down from 487 yuan in June to $66. Sanford, an analyst at Bernstein, said, our recent interviews with dealers clearly show that pre-sale orders have begun to affect the entire industry sales. We expect this rally will continue until the end of the year, driven by the year-on-year growth rate." Sales of the leading off-road vehicle manufacturers the Great Wall car began to cut its H6 and H2 models last year, in August this year, sales rose 25%. Guangzhou Automobile Group Co’s sales grew by 31%, and its SUV deliveries nearly doubled. Geely Auto sales rose 69%. In addition, GM’s sales rose 18%, Nissan was $17%. Ford sales rose 22%. China’s auto industry association, which is backed by the government, urged the Chinese government to make permanent tax cuts for small cars to encourage the development of fuel-efficient vehicles. Internship compile: Cao Yuwei相关的主题文章: