Subsidies fire disappeared Uber ghost train brush for new rewards dachiyouxiang

Subsidies fire disappeared Uber "ghost train" brush for pull new reward Guo Mengyi "late night phone car, orders the driver head of terror, or black eyed black mouth, or picture distortion, did not arrive at the single location, on the end of the order……" Ghost car phenomenon caused social concern. Recently, "China business newspaper" reporter learned that the "ghost train" phenomenon has appeared in more than one city, including Tianjin, Chengdu, Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Tianjin and Suzhou, including the number of "ghost train" most, and are in excellent step (Uber) occurred on the platform. There are excellent step driver told reporters that the recent ghost car appears to brush single, the goal is to pull new incentives. And the head of terror is to avoid the superior step of the head recognition system. In addition to the merits of the new subsidies to pull the higher step, the recent explosion of the car is easy to be higher than the intensity of subsidies, step by step, but it was easy to deny the car. With excellent step and drops merge, car market status gradually stabilized, subsidies are gradually reduced. Insiders pointed out that in the future, the number of purely incremental business opportunities, such as brush, subsidies and other major markets, operating more and more difficult. Consumption upgrade is a typical differentiation strategy, people are no longer satisfied with the number, but looking for differentiation. Therefore, the future car market need to improve service, looking for new growth points of interest. To pull a new reward, ghost car brush recently, Tianjin’s Zhang Ping (a pseudonym) suffered a ghost car". He broke the news to reporters, in Tianjin, when they hit the best step, the order was received soon completed the journey, and a series of two times. During this period, Zhang Ping did not even see the car, the whole process is only one or two minutes. Zhang Ping said the driver’s head is distorted, people feel terrible, but then because of the benefits and therefore do not need to pay more, so do not care about. Suzhou recently also frequently appeared ghost car". MS Suzhou users complained to reporters, the driver from A to Z directed. The taxi in Suzhou city in the north near the bridge, the driver in the far distance themselves. Ms Su just wanted to cancel, but the client has shown to reach the destination near the driver immediately after the end of the trip, and buckle up the fare of $9. Finally, Sue Sue excellent platform complaints, excellent step returned to the Soviet Union’s fare. "Ghost train" not only the two case, the reporter found that since August, Tianjin, Qingdao, Chengdu, Xiamen, Beijing, Shanghai, Zhengzhou, Suzhou and other places have a lot of passengers reported encounter "ghost car in yuho platform". "Basically, I can hear the users complaining about ghost cars every day." An excellent step driver in an interview with this reporter, said the recent ghost car frequented, are in order to pull the merits of the new incentives. Currently, there are a large amount of incentives on the merits of the platform, as long as the new driver pulled 20 single business, regardless of whether there is a difference in the evaluation of the 20 single, you can get a new driver to get a reward of $300. "This is a very convenient way to brush 20 orders for 1 hours." In this regard, the reporter to the relevant person in charge of the best step call, but as of press time reporter, no one answered the phone..相关的主题文章: