Spirit of Atletico Madrid hidden two major negative Real Madrid or forced to leave the team really G-winbook

Spirit hidden hazard two negative Atletico Madrid or forced to leave the team God sports news September 21st (the Tencent DERMOT CORRIGAN, author of ESPN) shortly before the Spanish media exposed Mengliao, Atletico coach Simonyi and the club to reach a consensus, the two sides will shorten the contract period of two years. Spain local time on Friday, Simonyi at Atletico training center held a news conference clearly said: "although I shorten the term of the contract with the club, but everything has not changed, the cooperation between the two sides is very harmonious relationship, I’m happy to Atletico coach. All my decisions are made from the heart. If Atletico do not consider the fire me, so the next two years, we can consider the renewal." In 2015, Simonyi and Atletico signed a new contract deadline until 2020, and now the contract between the two parties will change by 2018, many people still can not understand this decision in Argentina marshal. In addition, in the last few seasons, Simonyi showed his superb coaching ability, he is currently a lot of Europe’s top clubs that incurred under the command of top coach. That being the case, why Atletico Madrid agreed to shorten the contract with Simonyi? This is also very confusing. ESPN in an interview with reporters, Spain’s "world news" reporter inak Diaz Guaila analysis pointed out: "in the so-called" Simonyi incident ", we see the relationship between an extraordinary club coach. In Atletico Madrid, Simonyi is by no means just the coach, he can even be said to be the heart of the team’s loyalty to God, is a savior. Under Simonyi tune, Ma Jing’s record among five European top clubs listed, more importantly, in today’s international football club, no success, ability will be like Ma Jing so highly depends on the coach." The Atletico fans so important to Simonyi, because the Argentina marshal is indeed out of the ordinary. In December 2011, Simonyi Ma Jing holds a pointer, then the sheets Legion La Liga table tenth, between them and the distance to the relegation zone, much closer than the regional and European distance. Shortly before that, Ma Jinggang just in the Spanish King’s Cup in the two round total score of 1-3 was third level team eliminated albacete. After the former coach to replace Paulus Austria – Manzano 6 months, Simonyi led Atletico won the UEFA cup. In the first full season at Ma Jing, Simonyi led the team in the Spanish cup final 2-1 victory over city rivals Real Madrid won the championship, but the game is for the first time sheets Legion beat Real Madrid in 13 years (data). In the next season, led by Simonyi Ma Jing in the last round draw title rivals Barcelona, and eventually won the Spanish championship trophy, that is in the team since 1996, the first summit of La Liga top. It is noteworthy that Atletico last time won the league championship, Simonyi is a player playing for the team. In addition to the Champions League, Simonyi also helped Atletico win the European Super Cup相关的主题文章: