SOE reform 17 supporting documents released central enterprises reorganization and integratio

The reform of state-owned enterprises 17 supporting documents issued   central enterprise restructuring and integration and subtraction – energy – original title: SOE reform 17 supporting documents issued the reorganization of central enterprises released by the reform of state-owned enterprises and the integration of the addition and subtraction of 17 supporting documents to the central enterprises restructuring and integration of "subtraction" and guidance since September 13th the top of SOE Reform Design — "on deepening the reform of state owned enterprises" (hereinafter referred to as "guidance") released since a new round of SOE reform pace, increasing reform efforts to accelerate the reform, and gradually expand the field. Review of the year can be found, whether it is the policy side to help each other, or to deepen the reform of local state-owned system are carried out in an orderly manner, at the same time, the reorganization and integration between the central enterprises also opened the curtain. 17 supporting documents have been issued the "Securities Daily" the reporter learned from the SASAC, since the top-level design of "1" is the introduction of the "guidance", "N" series has introduced the implementation of 17 related sub reform plan. Among them, several heavyweight class has been a series of supporting documents available, such as state-owned enterprises "on the function definition and classification guidance", "on the development of state-owned holding enterprises of mixed ownership ESOP pilot opinions", "on the central enterprises to promote structural adjustment and restructuring guidance". China business association research department researcher Liu Xingguo accept the Securities Daily "said in an interview with reporters, the current reform of state-owned enterprises is very different from the reform of state-owned enterprises on the round, a round of SOE reform in general can be without prejudice to the interests of all parties, bring about an improvement in the state-owned enterprises and stakeholders; and the reform of state-owned enterprises had to have to touch the interests of some people in order to enhance the overall interests of the improvement period, so this time, problems and obstacles encountered more. In Liu Xingguo view, the current state-owned enterprises encounter difficulties in the development process, must rely on deepening reform to solve the current difficulties and challenges, so that it can be through the market way, to achieve survival and development in the market competition. The introduction of a series of supporting documents can be said to promote the reform of state-owned enterprises clear direction, and even refined some of the supporting measures. This will have a greater role in promoting the reform of state-owned enterprises. But it is undeniable that in the actual operation of the reform initiatives do not exist in the ground floor as expected. Liu Xingguo believes that the emergence of such a situation that there are government reasons, there are reasons for the market. But overall, as of now, the effectiveness of the reform is still obvious. Local reform template effect highlights the comprehensive reform of state-owned enterprises to promote the local government to help. According to incomplete statistics, the country has at least 25 provinces issued a state-owned enterprise reform program, nearly 40 cities issued a plan to reform the state-owned enterprises in 2016, asset securitization restructuring, structural adjustment, the development of mixed ownership, clean up "zombie" enterprises have become the points around the work. Earlier, the SASAC in-depth investigation of Shanghai, Guangdong, Shandong, Jiangxi, Chongqing, 5 provinces and cities with a representative of the reform of state-owned enterprises. Securities Daily reporters combing the reform of state-owned enterprises in these 5 areas)相关的主题文章: