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Shenzhen house prices are expected to increase some investment Jiancang goods – Sohu news Shenzhen property market ushered in the volume and price of the market. City Planning Committee data show that in October prices fell 10%, in November, prices fell for the first time in three weeks. Insiders said that the Shenzhen regulatory policy so severe, the expected decline in prices in the short term is expected to increase. In this case, some investors choose Jiancang goods. According to the Shenzhen Central Plains research center and anjuke monitoring data, last week (November 7th to 13) residential sales 469 units, closing an area of 45 thousand square meters, a decline of 4.5% and 9%; last week, the average transaction price of new homes is 51598 yuan per square meter. Since November, the record and the record average price of residential turnover has been falling for three weeks, and the current volume for two consecutive weeks fell below 500 units, whether it is late or the actual turnover of transactions will continue to remain low. Last week, a total of 733 sets of second-hand housing turnover, closing an area of about 65 thousand square meters, the chain were down by 62.4% and 61.3% respectively, the average transaction price of $50055 square meters. The actual volume of low last week in the record data show that the latter one, the secondary record volume will continue to reflect the reality of the transaction difficult situation. So, Shenzhen housing prices have shown a downward trend. In just the past October, the city’s new commercial housing turnover of 422 thousand and 500 square meters in Shenzhen, a decrease of 22.1% over the same period last year, second-hand residential turnover of 527 thousand and 500 square meters, down by 6.2%. Prices, in October the average transaction price of new houses in Shenzhen 55611 yuan square meters, a decline of 10%. Shenzhen housing prices and the income gap between the people to increase the real estate regulation is to curb the rapid rise in prices. This regulation is very large, but also achieved significant results, "Wang Feng, director of the Shenzhen City real estate research center, said," now make a clear expectations, is the rapid rise in land prices can not, cannot appear the most expensive land, housing should return to the basic function of living, no longer strengthen the housing investment and speculation."相关的主题文章: