Shenyang public security issued ten immigration service initiatives iptd-651

Shenyang police issued ten immigration service initiatives across the full implementation of the nearest acceptance, approval, certification work mode, the public can not live where you can apply for immigration documents. In November 14th, the reporter learned from Shenyang City Public Security Bureau, the day before the Council formulated the "Shenyang public security exit soft environment construction of environmental management system of ten service initiatives", to further standardize the immigration window service behavior, optimize service environment. It is reported that ten service initiatives also include in the Council’s entry and exit window self-service for "one-stop" processing mode, the 9 areas of the city immigration hall to promote self-service service mode; to provide emergency special difficult consulting services in the Council’s entry and exit window; hold regular immigration service work will preach, preach the exit the new policy initiatives and services; providing immigration services to foreign companies; to further simplify the employment visa procedures and documents for the visa expiration reminders. In order to ensure that the real benefit of service initiatives, the Shenyang Municipal Public Security Bureau also issued a "exit window service" must do "ten" measures for service personnel must be responsible for the first pick and one-time informed, to the enterprise, the masses of public security immigration problems, must be connected with the tube, real name responsible for the real name, solve, to give a clear duty to work exceptionally standard answer.相关的主题文章: