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Shanxi Shuozhou responded to the Great Wall in Ming Dynasty gate collapsed: rare gale Beijing – caused by the night of October 3rd to 4 on the morning, is located in Shanxi city of Shuozhou province Shanyin county territory wide Wu Ming the Great Wall collapsed, the famous landscape gate hollow building collapsed after leaving the column. 6 evening, Shanyin County Cultural Relics Bureau issued notification on the matter, responded that "moon gate" collapse is mainly caused by winds cause. Shanyin county government official website released the briefing said, October 4th, Sanin Hirotakea No. 10 the Great Wall towers "hollow floor collapse is caused by a rare gale, had no signs of collapse, but not someone digging to soil and brick or other man-made damage caused by factors. According to village witnesses said the incident at the time, the wind is rare, the Lightning flashes and thunder rumbles., Wu Village stalls, barn roof rolled away, some poles were blown down, causing the surrounding village blackout. According to the meteorological department reported that when the wind reached 8 mountain, mountain wind is greater. After the incident, Shanyin county government attaches great importance to the first time rushed to the scene disposal, the competent departments of the municipal and county cultural relics has adopted a series of emergency measures to protect the scene, to prevent further damage caused by wind and rain. At the same time, the county government has decided to invite the provinces as well as higher level experts to the scene to rescue and repair team, put forward solutions as soon as possible. Beijing Youth Daily reporter contacted a number of local residents, including Mr. Cui confirmed in the evening of 3 to the morning of 4 winds. In the know "moon gate" after the collapse, Mr. Cui and friends went to the scene to watch, "we go when there is wind and rain, the wind is level four or five, not hold an umbrella." Another local residents Lu also confirmed that there are 4 winds and rain. According to Cui introduction, "moon gate" hollow building located in the air, but due to higher ground, the wind will be larger than the mountain. It is located in a wide, there is no shelter around, when the wind is not even 10 years old children can not stand firm, adults can also." In addition, he believed that many collapsed or natural factors, "I think this place in Yanmenguan Tunnel, may not be too far away from the villagers and the indiscriminate digging of private residence, not climbing, take place should be clawed Chengzhuan isn’t here." Another local residents told reporters BYD, in Guang Wu area was identified as the the Great Wall ruins, the government had to invest in the development of the construction area, it did not see the corresponding management. "Around 2010 hirotake developed area, construction of the wetland park is very beautiful, very clean, but not repaired what happened, there is no administrator. Now in the past to see a lot of garbage, weeds, less people, very desolate." 7 evening, Shanyin county government news release, Shanyin county magistrate Nan Zhizhong, county Party Committee Propaganda Department and the Shanxi provincial cultural relics and ancient experts in the day to carry out on-the-spot survey, and establish the Guang Wu the Great Wall of Ming Dynasty to rescue and protect the repair program. It is a professional organization for the protection of the 3 sections of 10 watchtowers retained. Second, Shanyin county government commissioned Shanxi Province ancient building protection research institute, Shanxi ancient architectural design limited company to develop rescue protection scheme, and submitted to the city, the cultural relics department, organize the implementation of plans to be approved.相关的主题文章: