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Shanxi, a female doctor was stabbed 9 times the families of patients continued: the suspect has surrendered Beijing on 23 November, according to the Shanxi Changzhi Municipal Public Security Bureau official micro-blog @ Ping Changzhi news, 22 on the morning of 10 pm, a violent injury happened in Shanxi Medical Hospital Affiliated Heping Hospital of Changzhi Medical College. The suspect Peng Moumou in the morning 11 am, has been to Changzhi City branch of Municipal Public Security Bureau police station south hero. Currently, the suspect Moumou on suspicion of intentional homicide has been on file for investigation. The case is under further investigation. 22 evening, Heping Hospital, Changzhi Medical College, Shanxi, China’s official website issued a report on the situation of violent attack medical events. The report said at 22 am on the morning of 10, the hospital violence with a medical incident occurred. Department of infectious diseases of 1 doctors consultation in the hospital on the way, was suddenly 1 men in a knife attack, the victim was 9 wounds, 1 of which pierce the heart, leading to cardiac rupture, cardiac tamponade, shock. Currently, the victim admitted to intensive care unit treatment, vital signs are still stable but critical condition, not out of danger. The report also disclosed the results of the preliminary investigation of the incident: Peng Moumou daughter (4 years old) due to hand foot and mouth disease in the hospital infectious disease treatment, the current condition is better than the hospital admission, there have been no medical disputes.相关的主题文章: