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Shanghai rural commercial bank to carry out into the community campaign – Beijing, Beijing, September 28, Shanghai rural commercial bank 276 community bank branches all the mobilization of financial knowledge into the community to be more of a financial understanding, more of a property protection "as the theme to carry out promotional activities in financial knowledge. During the event, community bank branches of Shanghai rural commercial bank to carry out various forms of community, the establishment of docking and community service object, including Community streets, residential areas, parks, factories near the school, has covered a wide range of customer groups, many other characteristics. At the same time, the use of the official WeChat platform, micro-blog and other channels simultaneously publicity activities and financial knowledge popularization, construction of multi dimension and multi form financial literacy model, carried out a series of colorful promotional activities will be entertaining to financial knowledge to thousands of households. September 1st, the day of the publicity, Shanghai rural commercial bank in the rose garden, Pei Hua Yi Ju Wei activity center, 276 small dandelion centralized propaganda point synchronized financial knowledge households start publicity activities. The event, the bank set up desk, and arrange the staff to answer to the public, the response is good. Near the teacher’s day, the Bank of Pudong branch and organize staff into the campus, in order to send the festival to the motherland’s gardener, while the teachers introduced the daily life of common financial knowledge. Among them, Xiangshan divided by the "tree concept of rational consumption, anti campus loan trap" to carry out financial knowledge propaganda as the theme, around the "campus loan disputes, telecommunications network fraud cases and other aspects, we tell the importance of rational consumption, improve the participants’ financial safety consciousness. The new management imposed more of a financial understanding, more of a wealth protection "as the theme, in the campus of the erection of the booth, posters, promotional single volume, to the children of parents awareness of anti money laundering and prevention of financial fraud and counterfeit identification is closely related to the financial knowledge in daily life. In mid September, Shanghai rural commercial bank, a number of outlets to held a financial seminar. Pudong Tong branch in Hong Kong to all residents introduced a variety of common means of telecommunications fraud, in order to let the people have more perceptual cognition, the scene played a bank employee successfully prevent telecommunications fraud video. Watch the video, the residents since the development of a heated discussion, the telecommunications fraud will be introduced one by one correspondence, bearing in mind that the 6 will be, all of the 8 to prevent telecommunications fraud means. Chongming Shuxin branch in the Mid Autumn Festival, for elderly residents to carry out seminars, according to the characteristics of the elderly memory is relatively weak, the event has the answer in the form of lively and interesting awards to elderly people how to manage, how to avoid financial mistakes, financial regulations and policies such as fusion in the Title, to stimulate the elderly residents interested in joy the interactive atmosphere more diversified answer about the financial products and financial knowledge. This series of theme of propaganda activity is better Shanghai rural commercial bank financial services for community residents is the implementation of an extension of the Department in charge of propaganda and practice of the supervision of financial knowledge, fulfill the social responsibility of financial institutions. Not only to the community residents have a better understanding of financial knowledge and understanding, but also increase.相关的主题文章: