Science and technology to change the life of a network to support the development of local rural ele

Technology is changing life station network to support the development of rural electricity supplier – Guangxi local Sohu technology November 16th news: Recently, Guangxi Texun Guigang Pingnan County Siwang town government under the leadership of a line to Guangxi station network of e-commerce business model a group visit, the two sides had in-depth exchanges on the direction of cooperation of agricultural industry and business platform, common to investigate the Internet plus agricultural pattern in Guangxi agricultural and industrial upgrading of the importance and necessity, and how to use Internet resources to develop the characteristics of Guangxi agricultural industry, agricultural and sideline products are sold to Guangxi. The town is located in the southeast of Guangxi, has the advantage of suitable conditions for the growth of crops in the hydrological and climatic conditions, a good ecological environment has created a unique local characteristics of the town of agricultural and sideline products. The policy of a strong guarantee, the continuous improvement of infrastructure, coupled with the continued promotion of the government, the town of rural electricity providers, industrial parks to achieve steady development. In a station network group chairman of the exchange, Siwang town government leaders said, hoping to reach strategic cooperation with a network group’s business platform, the development of land in rural areas, and promote the development of urban and rural areas to guide the electricity supplier. (Si Wang Zhen government leadership and a discussion exchange station network group chairman) it is understood that a network group’s business platform has 10 million member resources, which were fresh, all the baby platform is in the Guangxi market resources as the foothold and starting point. Try the fresh electricity supplier is B2B platform with a focus on the wholesale fruit, focusing on fresh fruit business, will help the county town of rural fruit base, farmers solve the problem of fruit circulation and sales channels. The baby is a sell merchandise discount platform, by selection of brand merchandise, self sale and mobile providers, to provide quality goods for the whole network consumers discount. All baby platform for the national market, help to make the local specialty brand more quickly out of Guangxi, to the country, started popularity. One stop network group chairman Zheng Qingqiang said: think of the town’s rich fruits, features a variety of agricultural and sideline products, and try fresh, baby platform has an unlimited opportunity for cooperation." Finally, the development of a station network group also received a high degree of appreciation of the town government leaders. A station network as Guangxi Internet industry benchmark enterprise, always adhere to the "based in Guangxi, Guangxi, the development of Guangxi social mission, but also hope that with more local business platform for joint efforts to promote the development of the Internet industry in Guangxi, and make a greater contribution to the Guangxi rural electricity supplier industrial upgrading. [source: Internet] [] commissioning editor: Zhang Yanping相关的主题文章: