Samsung said 85% U.S. market Note7 products have been recalled

Samsung said the U.S. market 85% Note7 products have been recalled: Samsung mobile phone Phoenix Technology News Beijing on November 5th news, according to foreign media reports, Samsung said the day before, in the United States nearly 85% of the market Note7 products have been recalled. But it also means that there are still about 285 thousand Note7 unaccounted for in the market. In order to recall the American market and the remaining 15% of the Note7, Samsung is also ready to sacrifice, want a variety of ways. The first is to continue to send reminders to recall information. Samsung push software updates, when the user opens the Note 7 screen, will receive a reminder of the Note7 recall information. Who originally planned to continue to use Note 7 "iron" users may also stand it, and as early as possible to hand over their Note 7. In addition, Samsung also released software updates, limiting Note7 mobile phone battery charging power does not exceed 60%. It is not clear whether this measure is able to reduce the possibility of Note7 mobile phone fire, but at least make sense to continue to retain the existence of security risks of mobile phone, the idea of Note7 machine owners shake.  , including Verizon, AT&, T and T-Mobile, including almost all communications operators in the United States have confirmed that they will release the relevant Note7 software updates, urged the Note7 owners to hand over the defective equipment as soon as possible. Samsung Corp said in a statement, "not recall we are still concerned about collecting Note7 products on the market," said Samsung, launched a software update, to further intensify efforts to implement the recall "including South Korea, Europe and Australia market, Samsung has been in the world starting a similar Note7 software update push Note7 Mobile phone battery, all the restricted charge does not exceed 60%. In New Zealand, local operators have even banned Note7 from connecting to wireless networks. (compile if water)相关的主题文章: