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Health Have you ever heard of S-MICS? It is a new age cataract surgery. Sharp Sight is one of the exclusive eye hospitals in India that uses S-MICS and has registered the highest number of successful cataract surgeries in Asia. Most of us might be aware about cataract, in simple words it is the clouding of lens that occurs in old age. Now let us try to understand S-MICS. What is S-MICS? The surgery involves C-MICS which stands for Coaxial-Micron Incision Cataract Surgery. A 3rd generation ultra thin foldable Intra ocular lens called MIL (Micro incision Intra ocular Lens) between 1.6-1.8 mm thick is implanted after removal of the clouded lens. The process is called THE STELLARIS VISION ENHANCEMENT SYSTEM and the surgery is referred as S-MICS. This revolutionary cataract surgery is done with a state of the art equipment called Stellaris Vision Enhancement System by Bausch and Lomb. What are the advantages of S-MICS? It is super safe, painless, speedy and super accurate The recovery after the surgery is instantaneous No use of pad or bandage, can resume work in one day The incision is 50 % smaller than the regular surgery which makes it easy to heal S-MICS results in less astigmatism and lesser requirement of post operative Spectacles S-MICS offers enhanced quality of postoperative vision and with improved IOLs one enjoys an enhanced vision contrast It is very beneficial for diabetic patients Minimal restrictions needs to be followed after surgery The surgeons at sharp sight centers Dr. Kamal B. Kapur and Dr Samir Sud have successfully operated more than 900 patients with the help of S-MICS in the past one year. This is the highest number of successful S-MICS cases in Asia. Both the doctors are lavishing heaps of praises on the technique. Being senior surgeons in Ophthalmology they can discriminate well between the different cataract surgeries and when the figures themselves speak for their words, one can be rest assured about the credibility and benefits of S-MICS. People from different corners of India are .ing to them to find a solution for their cataract. The benefits of S-MICS are spreading like forest wild fire and Sharp Sight is the torch bearer in this sector that is making the fame of S-MICS reach far and wide not only in India but also in abroad. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: