Rosetta probe crashed into comet 12 years to complete the mission to detect the end of the trip 3u8895

The Rosetta spacecraft crashed into the comet: 12 years exploration trip end mission Rosetta spacecraft back to the comet hit before the image in the Rosetta spacecraft 12 years of great journey, shot a total of 116 thousand photos and returns the Rosetta landing zone Rosetta comet 67P 12 years. Test tour end mission broadcast review Sina Technology News Beijing time on September 30th evening news, the European Space Agency (ESA) has just confirmed in 11:19:08 UTC (Beijing time 19:19:08) received signal that the Rosetta spacecraft control signal disappears, indicates that the ship has landed 67P comet surface. Due to the distance of nearly 40 minutes of signal delay, the actual landing to the comet should be at 10:39:10 UTC (Beijing time 18:39:10). Since then, this more than 12 years since the great exploration mission officially ended. The end of the great journey, in the process of landing, the Rosetta spacecraft has been in a state of complete scientific work. In the process it at about 3 kilometers per hour speed slow down, even until the last moment of life, the ship responsible small spacecraft continues to send a large number of high-definition images of earth and other data. Rosetta is the first comet probe around humans, now finally completed his mission, quietly landed a past two years has been accompanied the comet’s surface, the picture will never stopped at this moment, with the comet gradually gone. Before hitting the detector surface of the comet and eventually lose the signal, the Rosetta spacecraft returned to earth it is still the last moments of life in image acquisition and data, including the comet surface HD images taken in very close on. The Rosetta project that, in an almost solemn and behoove way, people all over the world’s attention on the terminator. Comets are frozen remnants of the early days of the solar system, and scientists believe they contain many mysteries about the formation of the solar system. The Rosetta spacecraft was the first man to orbit a comet. Its detection target, 67P, is likely to be formed outside the orbit of Neptune and is one of the few comets that could be more suitable for the Rosetta spacecraft to visit. During the more than two years since the Rosetta spacecraft was accompanied by the 67P comet, the spacecraft witnessed a gradual increase in the activity of the comet as it approached the sun. Scientists know that with the appearance of the comet, the first people close observation of dust and gas jet ejected from the surface of a comet, the comet surface of the mountains and craters. Scientists have noticed that the comet, like a duck, is made up of two large pieces of material. Brave and gorgeous curtain call the European space agency hopes the probe can produce the most scientific results, so in the end of the task, the scientists hope the Rosetta spacecraft could finally make their unique contribution of science. It was clear to the scientists before the landing, the Rosetta spacecraft相关的主题文章: