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Rookie fear of enemies, magic speed S6 CVT installfest first sight when Beiqi magic speed S6 this test model, in the eyes of it, smiled very little. So, the first impression that is a "Yan value" to win the SUV models. But, think the car is able to hover H6, Changan CS75, Tiggo in front of 5 veteran models, still calm response to the particular market, I guess it should be a "quality" by the conduct of the vehicle. To be honest, China’s tight domestic SUV market is highly competitive. Who seems to seize the land, who will be king. But in the fierce situation, Beiqi magic speed still resolutely. Although some late, but fortunately not absent. So Beiqi magic speed S6 has put on the market, has become the focus of public opinion and the media attention on the user. What exactly is this car? We approached it in 2 days, hoping that more people would be able to be objective and interested in it. There is a very good habit, I have to evaluate models of heroes do not ask the origin, just look at the drive performance and comprehensive performance models. So, in the face of Beiqi magic speed S6, I still want to use some of the characteristics of a city SUV should have to review it. Design = long long wheelbase + body + fierce wind see from the above model size, magic speed S6 its length and breadth were: 4693× 1839× 1683mm, wheelbase 2700mm, in length and wheelbase, compared the Harvard H6 and the Changan CS75 two models of competitive models, competitive advantage. And this can also be a direct reflection of the magic speed S6 to create the largest car space. In the domestic SUV market in China, large space is one of the reference elements of the car, so the magic speed S6 showed a strong competitive edge. From the design, we can see that the design of 2017 kinds of Beiqi magic speed S6 CVT "X" shape, the family design also allows consumers to maintain a high awareness of the car, but also can highlight SUV and aggressive style. If you look closely, but also found 2017 Beiqi magic speed S6CVT from the front to the rear of the car, just a waistline used throughout, simple atmosphere can highlight the texture of SUV. Interior configuration = grade + technology + sense of security of the drive to enjoy a version of the model, the most is the highest with models, is also equipped with weibasite panoramic sunroof, which is embodied in the sense of quality standard equipment, the configuration is more cool, enjoy version is also equipped with electric tailgate, xenon headlamps 360° panoramic image, blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning system, these have greatly increased the 2017 Beiqi magic speed S6 CVT vehicle selling point. 2017 Beiqi magic speed S6 CVT enjoy the type of interior still follow the basic principles of "practical and rich". Leather multifunction steering wheel with integrated audio, cruise control, speed control and other functions, not only enables the driver to use the vehicle more convenient, but also greatly increases the console sense of luxury. If the driver’s seat, but also found that the driver seat 4 to electric regulation.相关的主题文章: