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Automobiles Spring has sprung and theres a Royal wedding in the air: which is a great excuse to start eyeing up quality motorcade options for your own wedding. With the regal celebrations colouring all the news before and after them for some time, why not have a look at some of the wedding car hire options out there that would be fit for a future Queen? Rolls Royce Wedding cars are still top of the list. The horse and carriage is nice, too, of course but it does carry some imponderables with it that hiring a tried and tested classic Roller simply wont require thinking about. A Rolls Royce, aside from being emblematic of everything that is luxurious and stylish, is a true motoring classic. Given that most people never get the chance to get in one, let alone be driven around in one, the Roller is the ideal wedding car hire option. Guaranteed head turning ability combined with sophistication worthy of a Royal marriage gives Rolls Royce wedding cars the edge in every respect. Theres really only one thing that you need to think about when you set to hiring a Rolls Royce – old or new? Both the pre-50s classics and the 60s-present day Rollers have something unique to recommend them, and all are superlatively comfortable: so all you really need to do is pick the car that suits your style, the feel and theme of your wedding or simply your dress, best! Use an older Rolls Royce for your wedding car hire and you will be able to match colours with the bridal party as well as making everyone you pass stop and stare. Rolls Royce limousines, particularly the Cockshoot and its close relatives, were carriage painted in two tone colours which means you can use the hue of your Rolls Royce wedding cars as trim for your overall look. Bear in mind, too, that the older Rollers will fit wonderfully with a themed wedding anything from gangsters molls or Jazz Age nuptials to classic retro will look great with a Rolls Royce limousine in tow. Go for a Silver Cloud if you want something with a little modernity thrown in. The Rolls Royce Silver Cloud is possibly the coolest wedding car hire option ever built, and as emblematic of the Swinging Sixties as you could get which makes it ideal for any themed wedding built on the 60s, 70s or 80s as well as for any overall look that has a more contemporary feel to it. Of all the Rolls Royce wedding cars, the Silver Cloud is the most versatile its modern interior and stupendously engineered power train (the Silver Cloud is still one of the quietest powerful vehicles in the world) combine with an almost Art Deco body to create the perfect combination of luxury and style. Wherever youre getting hitched, and to whom, your wedding car hire option can be the perfect finishing touch. Give yourself a right Royal send off with Rolls Royce wedding cars. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: