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Real-Estate One of the concepts that I learned at the East Coast Investor Summit is this: Ive came to the realization that its not possible to maintain close relationships with everyone you meet. There simply isnt enough time in the day. I recently discovered some success concepts that a guy by the name of Dave Stech shared that I would like to share with you. About Dave Stech: Dave held executive positions for 2 well-known Fortune 50 .panies for over 20 years, has early-retired twice, is an active real estate investor (e.g. one of his teams strengths is research & due diligence), and places taking care of his family at the top of his list of priorities. I recently read an article written by Stewart Hsu where 3 of Daves insightful and inspiring ideas were shared. These have already made a huge impact on my life since I began applying them. These are more than just words of wisdom; if you read with your heart, I think youll notice theres some other positive energy or spiritual rightness to them that applies not only to business, but to life. Dave Stech Success Concept #1: Give First If you have ever been to a networking event, 90% of the people typically go with the wrong idea in mind. They walk in asking themselves, who can I meet that can help me? Not that this is necessarily bad, but that there is a better way. Have you ever known someone that was a taker? Where theyre always trying to get something from you, whether its your ideas, money, or time? It can be draining, right? Dont you prefer to hang out with givers, i.e. people who contribute ideas, energy and time? People who help you move towards your goals? Be like the kind of person you would prefer spending your time with. John F Kennedy said it well, when he prompted the American public to Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country. The same idea applies on the smaller, more immediate scale for each one of us, i.e. with those we interact with on a daily basis. This applies to whether its a family member, a business partner, or someone youre meeting for the first time at a networking event. Offer and take steps to add value first. Call it good manners, good karma, or paying it forward whatever the label, its like magic, and better yet, it works. Perhaps more importantly, its simply a better way to be. Youll feel better for helping others. Youll feel more positive, and with that positive feeling youll ac.plish more. A potential indirect benefit I should mention is that someone might feel like they now owe you a favor. Though I caution you not to give only because you expect to receive from that person later on. This might seem a bit self-contradicting, but the more genuine and selfless your intention when you give, the more unexpected goodness, from unexpected sources, will .e back to you. Watch for part 2 of this blog sharing a .mon sense approach on how to choose for your business associates and the power of 6. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: