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Quan Zhilong Komatsu Nana was a large number of private photos exposed intimate love Sina entertainment news the morning of September 18th, the Internet exposed right Zhilong social software trumpet was black, and a large outflow of private photos. It is worth noting that private photos in Japan and right Zhilong artist Komatsu Nana quite intimate, suspected that relationship, attracting a large number of onlookers. The first Quan Zhilong and Komatsu Nana for a dinner photo was rumored, but as early as 2015, and right Zhilong Komatsu Nana has been in South Korea on a show with frame photo, after also together with the magazine, shoulder hook back reverie. In May this year, two people dinner photos also frequently exposed, followed by a sharp eyed Netizens found two people wearing the same paragraph bracelet, plus two on social networking sites and frequent interaction, inevitably make friends fans have speculated. Quan Zhilong s black private photos were exposed Komatsu Nana privately held right Zhilong photo right Zhilong trumpet Komatsu Nana portrait suspected right Zhilong is disclosed, a large number of private photos exposed, photographs of Japanese artist Komatsu Nana frequently photographed, not only the first angle shooting photos, two people also hold in hand, fingers, the relationship seems to be very general, let gossip more real relationship seems to sit. In this regard, users have expressed surprise, many fans also sent a blessing: the normal age, normal love, if it is true, oh, bless." "As a dragon, I don’t want him to be single!" The idol account was black, some users also expressed dissatisfaction, called for the protection of privacy: can respect other people’s privacy? This is his private locked trumpet was a hacker, his private life has the right to decide." Please protect the privacy of artists." (Intern Ivan text)相关的主题文章: